Dead Rising 2 confirmed multiplatform

In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Capcom indicated that 2009 would be 'the year of multiplatform'. In 2009, they will be focusing on releasing primarily multiplatform games for both the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. This includes the sequel to the 360 exclusive zombie beat 'em up, Dead Rising. The sequel has finally been confirmed, and is due to hit in 2009. Capcom does promise some special goodies exclusive to the 360 version, in order to show it's good will towards the console.

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Real gamer 4 life3459d ago

Where was the Playstation good will when dmc when multiplatform?

Simon_Brezhnev3459d ago

i agree but they probably got paid my microsoft since microsoft said they do have some exclusive things from 3rd parties

Helghast Slayer3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

And so it begins. This is a sign that developers are going multiplat in order to gain more potential revenue and cut back on development costs. also not to forget that we are in a financial crisis. These two reasons will be why third party devs will make multiplatform games.

Makes you wonder if Sony saw this coming from a mile away. They where spot on about first party games playing a big roll in generating console interest.

Real gamer 4 life3459d ago

Sony has been saying this for the past 2 years already, that exclusive from third party titles are no more. The next best thing to game exclusivity is exclusive dlc.

Danja3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I agree where's the exclusive stuff 4 DMC4 PS3 version since the PS2 made the damn Franchise what it is....but then again DMC4 sucked I could really care less.

but im glad we're getting Dead Rising 2 this year...

now how about some new stuff added to the Capcom store...?

like a PS1 classic RE:2...that would be great..XD

Cwalat3459d ago

yeah agreed...

where was the playstation 3 good will when games such as DMC went multiplat and Resident Evil 5?

(yes RE wasnt PS exclusive, but it has never been on xbox consoles... and it was born and rased by PS consoles)

anyways... Capcom just shows how much they are willing to kiss MS asses inorder to earn a few quick bucks.

ThanatosDMC3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I just hope tons more zombies... i want the game to be leaning towards the SCARY side. More fatality moves like the Disembowler.

Boss zombies please.

and of course! MULTIPLAYER!!!

Co-op, versus, something! It'd be enjoyable...


Now if only they announce that Monster Hunter 3 will also be multiplatform... i'll be praising Capcom for their awesomeness again!

Foliage3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

If true, I'll have to try to find room to add this to the constant growing list of PS3 games to buy. Dead Rising 1 had some fun moments, but there were a lot of kinks that could have been adjusted. Hopefully they iron out all the previous issues and throw in a bunch more zombies and ways to kill them.

chaosatom3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Omega4 told me it was :(

*face palms himself*

2000 Degrees ftw!!!

jackdoe3459d ago

They did give the PS3 an exclusive goodie! A twenty minute install which allowed us to make a sandwich!

In all seriousness, I think it is probably a mistranslation or miscommunication.

Gambit073459d ago

At least INCLUDE the sandwich Capcom.

Why dis3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

You should wait for more credible info/announcments.

Fox013459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

"Oh no, I'm going to start a petition!", "This game sucks now", "Sony paid them", "Capcom, what a bunch of sellouts", " Sony keeps stealing exclusives, they can't even innovate... my life is ruined, I'm going to hangout on N4G and rape the Sony fans bubbles"

Why dis3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

360 fans don't do that lol.

I can't find the info anywhere. I googled it 5 times. All I see is this rumor spread around on underground PS3 sites quoting the same info. This almost sounds like an assumption based on the devs words assuming they said these things.

chaosatom3459d ago

But it will become a fact when a 360 game is not coming to the ps3 from the same site LOL.

Mass effect, you're next.


Xandet3459d ago

Wow.. excellent point! I love how Capcom claims to be an unbiased game dev, now making all their games multi-plat, yet they pull crap like that. Bu-bu.. we gave you a s**tty Lost Planet port with s**tty extras! It's all a load of crap IMO. If you want everyone to get the most for their money, then GIVE EVERYONE A FAIR SHARE.

masterg3458d ago

In a couple of years exclusive titles will be a thing of the past.
Unless it is from 1st party studios of course.

Nintendo and PS3 will be the only ones with exclusive titles, unless of course MS starts new studios themselves.

SCThor3458d ago

"Capcom does promise some special goodies exclusive to the 360 version, in order to show it's good will towards the console" = "Sorry MS, your money isn't enough anymore to buy game exclusivity BUT we can give you some premium themes for that price"

edhe3458d ago

Another reason Blue Ray is irrlevent to this generation - multiplats will be built for stupid last-gen DVD for cost reasons so they can go multiplatform.

Next gen should be nice.

3458d ago
prowiew3458d ago

WOO. Cant wait for dead rising 2. Definitely one of my favorites games (top 5) on next gen consoles.

Blaze9293458d ago

Capcom has told CVG that the earlier Inafune quote from the latest copy of Famitsu regarding a sequel to Dead Rising is a "mistranslation."

"Dead Rising was a huge success for us and is obviously the kind of game we'd like to continue to make," said the rep.

"However, at the moment we have made no official announcement regarding a sequel. As the source is Famitsu, I can only suggest that it was a mistranslation."

That didn't take long.


Tempist3458d ago

About time.

Lets all hope that they don't totally ruin the PS3 versions like they have in the past. Capcom is such a hack of a company now, a shell of it's former self.

shovelbum3458d ago

Great news and about time too. I played the heck out of the first one. I agree that the controls need some work and I'd venture to say (hope) that they'll be updated in the style of Dead Space.

Lifendz3458d ago

hopefully Dead Rising 1 gets released on PSn.

yz2503458d ago

nothing but bubbles in your future. WELL SAID.

Yipee Bog3458d ago

save system was trash and so were the controls. to each his own, and good luck to the people that will pick this up

CommonSense3458d ago

why are you retards making this into a console issue?

who cares what the business end of the deal to make it multiplat was? get over it. both systems get it...great. now stfu.

@Fox01, you're a hypocrite. it was the sony fanboys who went up in arms when microsoft got ff. ppl threatening to kill themselves, lol.
what a joke.

these are just games, people!

and for the ppl claiming that MS paid em or Sony paid em. don't have a clue about the closed door meetings that go on to hash out these deals so stop pretending you do.

and now, a large group of illogical fanboys shower me in disagrees cuz i didn't take their side in this ridiculous competition for which system is better. i'm going to make a new name and make insane, unfounded claims (like the sony fanboys do) like "oh the 8th day, God created sony" just so i can have a name with bubbles.

Yipee Bog3458d ago

Someone's mad they lost a console exclusive. man, calm down it will be ok. I promise. Stop using terms like "fanboy" No wonder you only have 1 bubble

sumguy813458d ago

He said who cares about it going multiplatform. He didn't say anything about being upset about the business deals or the negotiations. He told the fanboys to stop making it into a war. Now here you are flaming on about it. You stink of fanboy and you deserve to be called one.
As far as I can tell from what he said, he never even said he preferred 360 over PS3. That must be the "illogical fanboy" part he was talking about. Way to prove him right.

Yipee Bog3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I'd like to know how. I just said what I said because the guy was rambling about "sony fanboy's". I said nothing about either of the platforms just noted the lack of exclusivity of a GAME, and a mediocre one at that. I like my xbox, and I like my PS3, if I didnt I would have sold them by now. Both are great systems with very different tastes, but Obviously they attract the same kind of people^^^. I guess I better take a shower to wash the "stink" of fanboy off of me. lol

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cmrbe3459d ago

This is nothing new. We already knew this.

swiftshot933459d ago

are you high? they made resident evil!

Danja3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

well judging by the RE:5 demo..they are beginning to lose it a little then....because that game stinks..of last gen methods..

it not even has one ounce of scare factor to it ne's like RE:4 with a face job plus botox

edit: im not hating on Capcom at all they still remain one of ym fave publishers..

im still gonna buy RE:5 + SF4 already pre-ordered both to be honest , now add Dead Rising 2 to the list.....

im just saying they have lost some of there creativity over the last couple years

Foliage3459d ago

Nah, Capcom is not all that bad. I could never bite the hand that gave me Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry 3. lol

hulk_bash19873459d ago

Capcom may not be wat it used to be in its glory days but ur looking at one of the oldest and most memorable games developers and publishers in the gaming community. Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man, DMC, are jus examples of how influential Capcom has been in gaming.

shawnsl653459d ago

capcom needs to get the rights back with marvel and make a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for us. I mean people may like SF4, but it seems a bit retro to me.. like an upgraded SF4 but still under Alpha.

ThanatosDMC3458d ago

Sadly they messed up on DMC4... They were so awesome when they unleashed DMC3 but... they added a random character Nero and never explain who the hell he was or why he apparently has the blood of Sparda running in his veins.

Dante and Vergil were badass. Nero was a pansy.

Also, the last boss (old man fight) took so much from Shinobi (PS2). Yeah, the red scarf ninja guy.

cmrbe3458d ago

are happy with second class treatment but i am not happy at all. Capcom is where it is today because of PS fans and the least they could is treat PS fans equally with others but no.

I understand their multi-platform strategy and i am fine with it but sofar they are not doing a good job of following it. It feels like they are just giving PS fans scraps at a time to make them happy. As a long time PS fan that have bought almost every notable Capcom games in the past i demand more respect from Capcom.

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IaMs123459d ago

I would imagine more and more games going multiplatorm a lot nowadays due to the fact of the American economy going down the drain. Not saying its going to effect all but i believe it has something to do with that too. Companies need to make more money somehow.

Helghast Slayer3459d ago

"Multiplatorm" hmm can i have some of that? lol

militant073458d ago

you many noticed Left 4 DEAD, Tales of Vesperia but they were all rumors and hunted down.

capcom already stated that all their upcoming titles is mulitplatform games and no more exclusive.

Raoh3459d ago

i dont care about the good will part..

but what bothers me is what bothered me with condemned 2. hard for ps3 gamers to take a series seriously without the original release...

at least lie or admit that the original was made exclusively to the 360 hardware and would take too much money and time to port to the ps3..

say something.. its just another release now.. not that i dont want it on the ps3 just saying that the original should be released as well.

Danja3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

they need to put it on the PSN can't be more than 5GB....

plus Blu Ray can more than hold both games..they should have a special edition Blu Ray version for limited time..with both games

@Below : we both weren't referring to story line...

what he meant is this will be viewed as a New IP to the PS3 fanbase like SR2 ...compared to the 360 fanbase because they have been playing this game...for 3 years now.

so just like they could have released Lost Planet they could have released this game also

swiftshot933459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

story wise, you wont really need a background...

Edit:^ yeah, that is very true. maybe capcom should port the first one to the ps3.

swiftshot933459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

thanks capcom!

Edit: Holy Crap Imagine Dead Rising with RE5 graphics O_O

Edit: @ Danja yeah there were like 50 zombies on screen at once! Im eagerly awaiting a trailer now! Capcom FTW!

Danja3459d ago

wont happen though..there will be too much action on screen...for the frame rate to keep at a constant you have to take into consideration...the other console....and it's limitations

Why dis3459d ago

Resi 5 will be effected by that, you'll see when the comparisons come in as with all Capcom games.

jessupj3458d ago

Whoops, there we go again with that comment. Saying the ps3 is the lowest common dinominator. Can you at least admit how much of a fanboy you are?

Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses. It's up to the developer to exploit the advantages. What you're doing is very close minded.

And at the moment Killzone 2 is face palming you for making such a comment.

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