'Operation Anchorage' Makes You Rethink How To Play 'Fallout 3'

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"There aren't just new missions in 'Operation Anchorage,' Bethesda Softworks' first downloadable expansion for 'Fallout 3;' after just one hour in Alaska, I saw a concentrated effort to push 'Fallout 3' players to rethink how they play.

You're not done with 'Fallout 3,' gamers.

Bethseda Softworks unleashed 'Operation Anchorage' last night, the first of three pieces of downloadable content for the studio's post-apocalyptic RPG, and after spending an hour exploring chilly Alaska, I've impressed with how much thought was put into 'Operation Anchorage.'"

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phantomshadow3492d ago

Playing the DLC doesn't make me change my way of playing, outside of forcing me to heal and get ammo from specific spots. Such a boring article.

edhe3491d ago

Then you totally missed the point then? Who's more the fool, them or you?

Can't wait to get into this, should be fun to play the game with a more military edge instead of survivalist.