Gamespot: Magic Ball Review

Magic Ball adds graphical flair to the conventional gameplay of ball-bouncing arcade classics like Arkanoid and Breakout by transforming those games' multicolored bricks into 3D stone fortresses. Physics play a major role in this PlayStation Network-exclusive, and there are plenty of objects to destroy with your rebounding ball. Tipping tall structures and playing with the plentiful power-ups affords the kind of fun that can be enjoyed by anyone, but the charm doesn't last for very long. Overcrowded and repetitious levels, as well as crummy multiplayer support make Magic Ball feel overpriced at $10

The Good:
* Smashing ships and toppling towers looks awesome
* Plenty of great power-ups
* Lots of stages
* Easy for anyone play.

The Bad:
* Gets old quickly
* Too easy to lose sight of your ball
* Broken multiplayer
* Small stages are often cluttered.

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