Desperate gamers break into store to play PS3

This video shows some PAL region'ers playing the PS3 before it was even released in stores. However their methods in order to do so were a little unorthodox. They broke in a store with a PS3 and played it right inside the store.

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GaMr-4283d ago

Sure hope this isnt the only way most europeans will get to play the PS3.

NOTE: I didnt post those stupid videos before.

amrasmord4283d ago

IMO, this looks like that PSP video: "All i want for Xmas is a PSP".

wolfgang4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

Well since any real robbers would take the ps3 and run (instead of staying there and filming themself), this is obviously fake, maybe another of the viral marketing tactic.

DJ4283d ago

Makes mine look puny, haha. Probably fake, but I don't care. It was fun to watch. =]

THAMMER14283d ago

This is just to create more hype. No crooks I know would take a camera and sit down for 5 min. Once that TV and PS3 is spotted they would have been out of there. This is BS. But it is funny that hearing them talk made me want to start shooting. I've played too many WWII games.

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The story is too old to be commented.