Australian Cyber League's 1st Halo 3 Lan for 09

OXCGN Writes:

"Saturday January 17th '09 saw one of the biggest Halo 3 events in Australia take place at the Chifley At Lennon's hotel in the centre of Brisbane.

Among the twenty four teams who attended the event were some of the most talented and skilled in the Australian Halo 3 community. They included: Best BR who came fourth at the World Cyber Games finals in Cologne, Germany last year, Nuke and Pave who were there to prove that they could go toe-to-toe with the best and come out on top, Team Evolution, who were previously ranked number two in Australia, with their new team line-up, and old-school Sydney based team, Battle Rifle Precision (BRP)."

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darkmurder3336d ago

People can say what they want about Halo but it still draws a crowd consistently.

Immortal Kaim3336d ago

Agreed. It does have arguably the most faithful and strong online community. Kudos to Bungie.

Acj23233336d ago

its a classic game, and will remain in video game history

JokesOnYou3336d ago

Its just because we don't know there are *better shooters available....yeah, well uhm maybe just maybe something about the gameplay is just so goddam fun. nah, I just love it 'cause Master Chief had his pic on the side of a Mountain Dew can, yeah thats WHY I'm still playing.


XboxOZ3603336d ago

Never been a huge fan of the series really . . and personally dislike the online side of the game. Way too many twits playing it online for me.

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panasonic233336d ago

long live halo i can't wait for halo 4

IQUITN4G3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Don't forget that Halo's time is up now that Killzone2 is here - so long as you have the best visuals in an fps then you win the crown

Halo's story is guff basically and doesn't have legions of devoted following religously - no doubt Killzone2 will though lol

Intelligent scripting and well realised characters from the Halo games suck because there is no swearing like K2 - swearing makes this game mature and not at all appealing to teens

Iv'e played some of Halo3's campaign missions well over 100 times now because it's devoid of fun and i'm filling in time for when K2 is here

Anyway we only love Halo because MS tell us to and it's absolutely not because Bungie best understand how to write killer fps games

gaminoz3336d ago

I'm just glad we have such events somewhere in Oz outside Sydney!!!