GameSpy: Major League Baseball 2K9 Preview

The quest to build a perfect baseball videogame is nearly as difficult as pitching an actual perfect game, or so it would seem. No pitcher came close to allowing zero baserunners over nine innings last season, not even MLB 2K9 cover athlete and NL Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum. Similarly, not many gamers would have described MLB 2K8 as a game without noticeable flaws. Last year 2K Sports changed how baseball is played in one's living room, moving pitching, hitting and throwing from the face buttons to the right analog stick.

For the most part the changes were well-received, especially when it came to the pitching mechanism, but glitches like low frame rates, jerky fielding animations and inaccurate announcing left many fans wanting more. Recently the guys from 2K Sports came to GameSpy's offices and showed them a demo of MLB 2K9, the videogame equivalent of pitchers and catchers reporting.

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