Have Achievements Lost Their Meaning?

MonsterVine writes "With Xbox throwing easy-to-get Achievements in every game, has Microsoft lost sight of the concept they originally introduced?"

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rCrysis3458d ago

well. I love how some devs use achievements as a way to unlock some in-game stuff. only example I can think of is Halo 3 and the Security Armor after getting 1000 points of halo achievements.

lord_of_balrogs3458d ago

Achievements are still hard to get. Try getting 100,000 kills in Gears of War 2. It's next to impossible unless you replay the campaign a thousand times over or spend your life on multiplayer.

You can also unlock gamer pics by getting some achievements in Gears.

NaiNaiNai3458d ago

same for CoD WaW vet mode is insane, CoD4 was a cake walk compaired to it.