Killzone 2 to outdo Halo 3 in sales? Underground Hype 8

This week, AnalogHype is back with another episode of the Underground Hype, the only podcast that is scientifically proven to make you wanna slap yo' mama... or something. Aside from all that, though, Adrian, Marcus, Stephen, Keem, and Khalid come together for a nice round of heated gaming discussion that'll make any fanboy wet his pants. What did they talk about, you ask? Well aside from pressing the Play button, you can read these bullet points.

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Snake Raiser3462d ago

Agreed... they mixed that up with GT5. Also how did GOW(god, not gears of) sell? MGS is the only major PlayStation franchise I keep up with.
I am sooo sad, I own FF12 and I have only played about 15 minets of FF in my life.

Foliage3462d ago

I think Sony should develop a game and title it "The Red Ring of Death". Then the fanboys can debate whether it is a 360-killer. It will be hilarious!

Aclay3462d ago


God of War 2 sold 2 million copies within it's first 4 months on the market. I'm not sure how much God of War 1 sold and couldn't find any info on it's sales, but I'd imagine that it's sold just as much as God of War 2.

THC CELL3461d ago

They did it was very close

I tell ya they almost had it

earwax3461d ago

Then try and take on the big boys. I love all the usual Sony fanboy hype before a game,because I love to read about how the game NEVER lives up to the Sales. EVER.

AngryTypingGuy3461d ago

Killzone to outsell Halo? Remember, this is the PS3 we're talking about here people. Half of the people only bought it for BluRay.

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TheHater3462d ago

I got my popcorn ready for this one.
But I will say one thing. I will be getting a copy of Killzone 2 and that all that matter to me.

Danja3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

but lets be real here it wont out do Halo 3 sales...I dont think even Sony expect this from the game..but it will sell well and hopefully Sony does some serious marketing for this game because it deserves it..

Im guessing around 4-5 million....

GT5 is what will probably out-do Halo 3 in sales

Pandemic3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Click ''Agree'' if you agree with the statement: ''Killzone 2 to outdo Halo 3 in sales''

Click ''Disagree'' if you disagree with the statement: ''''Killzone 2 to outdo Halo 3 in sales''''

Helghast Slayer3462d ago

Only time will tell. With killzone2 topping the preorder lists of, and, one would think killzone2 has the potential to be a big seller for the ps3 and Sony. Lets wait and see.

TheExecutive3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Sorry fanboys but it wont outsell Halo3. This doesnt mean it will be a worse game, but it wont outsell halo. If it does i will eat crow but I highly, highly, highly doubt it.

Anyway, like I said, it doesnt mean KZ2 will be the worse game but it just doesnt have the selling power halo did.

INehalemEXI3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I'm pretty sure it wont sell as well first day ,week, month or even year but it could end up outselling Halo 3 before the generations over depending on if PS3 sales do end up snowballing as PS2's did. Most important though I bought Halo3 and I got KZ2 on pre order status.

CommonSense3462d ago

that right when i clicked to read this article the song "Dream On" by
Aerosmith came on.

gamesmaster3462d ago

by halo 3 selling power you mean raw marketing right.. thats all i could see

crck3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

No way in hell KZ2 is going to outsell Halo 3. I think Sony would be hella happy if it sold half of what Halo 3 did. That'd be about 5 million units? That would make it the best selling PS3 game to date. But of course the crazed fanboys will disagree and be disappointed once again when they cling onto ridiculous expectations. I thought Halo 3 was average and KZ2 will probably be a better game but the better game doesn't always sell more.

gamesmaster3462d ago

come on, i'm a bit of a sony head, but KZ 2 wont outsell halo 3. the franchise just isn't established in the casual market as the halo brand, thats what gets sales. oh and marketing of course.

lets be real

Lifendz3462d ago

maybe if Sony advertised like MS did for Halo 3; but it hasn't. I haven't even seen an ad in the Official PSM. No tv spots, no fast food promos, nothing. C'mon Sony, pick up the slack.

dredgewalker3462d ago

Maybe it will since there is no way that this will ever be pirated on a PS3.

jwatt3462d ago

When Killzone comes out and it doesn't outsell Halo please don't look at Sony fanboys like they were saying it, it's the media that's saying it. I think the game will sell well but I be even surprised if it did Gears' numbers. Even though it's Killzone 2, I still think of it as a new ip because there are still alot of people who don't know about Killzone outside of the internet. Preorders are looking good so far but it would also help if the ps3 was a litlle cheaper. I think it should sell well though.

Megaton3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

It won't. Nothing is advertised as much as Halo, not even most products outside of the gaming world. In all seriousness, I'd bet the Halo 3 ad bankroll was bigger than the dev bankroll. Throw that much ad money at a half-eaten sandwich and you'd have midnight launches full of people lined up to take a bite.

ThanatosDMC3462d ago

Reserved it at Gamestop. Got my promo code... i want to download the demo as soon as possible!

duplissi3462d ago

i highly doubt it, because it doesnt have nearly the same level of public penetration.
everyone knows halo, mario, zelda, pokemon, donkey kong. but how many people know of killzone?

AAACE53462d ago

Killzone 2 will be a great game and millions will buy it!

But I have to wonder, why are people so concerned with comparing it to Halo 3 in some form or another?

H3 is just a game that alot of people got hooked on, just like KZ 2 will be.

jammy_703462d ago

we all know its going to be better than halo 3 and thats all that matters

masterg3462d ago

5 million is my guess.

gaffyh3461d ago

I can see a LOT of people buying KZ2, but whether it will surpass Halo 3 sales.. i dunno. I will say one thing about it though, more (non-hardcore gamers) people know about KZ2, than any other game out on PS3.

Amsterdaam3461d ago

You know, for all intents and purposes it should dethrone Halo 3, but it won't. Here's why:

Advertising. How many Killzone commercials have you seen? I watch a lot of shows that would be perfect advertising for this game (24, Fringe, Burn Notice, etc.) that cater to their specific demographic, but I have yet to see a Killzone commercial TV. The only reason I know anything about it is because I visit a number of hardcore gaming websites.

Sony needs to market. They can't sit back on their haunches and expect the hardcore and hardcore alone to spread the word for them. They need to keep with the competition and sell their product. If they did, and the game turns out good, (not saying it won't, I just haven't personally played it yet) not only would it topple Halo 3, it would directly cause a console sales resurgence.

prowiew3461d ago

I doubt it, but it could be close. PS3 have now a larger install base than 360 when halo 3 was released.

Blaze9293461d ago

be real for a second, EVERYONE. put the fanboy bs to the side. you know damn well K2 wont outsell Halo 3. case closed

uie4rhig3461d ago

while i don't think KZ2 is gonna outsell Halo 3, i do think it would depending on how good sony will market it world wide.. give a Halo 3 type marketing, or go beyond that, and i would give this statement the benefit of doubt, but if sony doesn't market it properly (a la almost every PS3 game) then it will DEFO not outsell halo 3..

look at MGS4, it has sold 4million (correct me if i'm wrong) to date, and the marketing for that was one of the best marketing for a PS3 game..

Beast_Master3461d ago

KZ2 will not sell as many as Halo for one simple reason! Because Halo and Gears is all MS has. They used to have Knights of the Old Republic but have lost that studio. Halo is their Mario, Gears is their Zelda simple as that. Sony has MGS, Grand T, Jax and Dexter and Kratos for now, they used to have GTA and FF, but they lost them. Not to say R&C, Sackboy and Nathan Drake could be added to that list, but they are not the big reason to pick up a PS3 at this time. Sorry Fanboys that is the truth! You buy a 360 for their shooters and a PS3 for their diversity.

Rhoic3461d ago

Uhhh... That doesn't even make sense BeastMaster.. So you're saying that a franchise that sold 8.1 million according to Jan. '08 stats only sold well because it was on the 360?

Beast_Master3461d ago

No, I am saying that just about everyone who owned an original Xbox owned Halo or Halo 2. Don't get me wrong I am not dissing the franchise, at all, it defined online console FPS for years (Socom did good for 3rd person shooters). So when people picked up the 360 Most of those people where already halo fans. Look Halo is MS's Mario ok, do I need to point out that MS is releasing 2 Halo games this year and are rumored to have tapped Gearbox to do Halo 4 and Peter Jackson to create Halo Chronicles? Just like almost everyone who owned an original NES owned Super Mario 1, 2 and 3. And they continue to pick up every iteration afterward.

So my point is that the PS brand got it's install base by a cluster of different games, PS1 was Crash, RE, MGS and FF7. Not everyone who owned a PS had all of those games, most got it based on one or two of those titles. Same with PS2, People picked up PS2 for GTA3, Grand Tar., MGS2, or FF10. OK Sony doesn't have that game that half of their console owners have a copy of, the only thing that is close is GTA and GT. PS has always been know for having the best variety for 3 straight generations now, we have seen this. So that is why I think KZ2 will not sell as much as Halo because the PS3 install base is so varied.

gamesmaster3461d ago

halo is synonymous to the xbox brand, anyone who owns a 360 or knows about xbox knows about halo, that's why its sold 8.1 million. the same cant be said for killzone. the only exclusive game i can see ever beating halo in sales is Grand turismo 5. (if i ever live to see it, i hope)

smokeandapancake3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Only if...they issue a special edition cat helmet version!

cherrypie3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

"Only time will tell."

Are you people for real?

Xbox 360 has the highest game-attach rate in the history of gaming. Halo 3 set all time industry sales records.

Halo 3 has sold 9 Million Copies to date. That is Almost as many as Resistance, MGS4 and Motorstorm **COMBINED**.

There are ~28M Xbox 360s in the world.
There are ~17M PS3s in the world.

The very question posed here is 100% ridiculous troll.

There is -ZERO- chance that KZ2 will outsell Halo 3. Not. Going. To. Happen.

EDIT: "When Killzone comes out and it doesn't outsell Halo please don't look at Sony fanboys like they were saying it, it's the media that's saying it. "

This is some worthless idiot audio-blog. This isnt "the media". "The Media" is places like, bloomberg, AP and the rest that have been running articles like "The PS3 has failed" -- and N4G's Sony Fanboys run off in these forums saying "oh, what do they know". Or, "The Media" may be analysts like the ones we heard who just slashed the PS3 projected sales from 6.25M to 4.0M for 2009.

See, N4G has become a collection of Anything Anti-MS.

jessupj3461d ago

I think you'll find there's a little more then 17 million ps3 consoles sold world wide. I don't know the exact estimate but it's definately a few million more.

And please don't take this blog as the entire opinion of the sony fanboy population. I'm a little bit of a sony head, but even I can admit there's no way Killzone 2 will sell like halo 3. But I can say that quite comfortably because we all know sales don't = quality.

As for the actual quality of the game, I haven't played either titles but it's looking like Killzone is going to set the benchmark quite high, and that's good for everyone.

gamesmaster3461d ago

"There are ~28M Xbox 360s in the world.
There are ~17M PS3s in the world."

17m ps3's in the world??!?? so are the other 4 million in space or something? listen if you're gonna bring consoles shipped to the debate, at least get your numbers right, blimey! i respect your point that KZ2 wont out sell halo 3 though, but that's a given.

Beast_Master3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

" Halo 3 set all time industry sales records. "

you do know that 9 milion, which I doubt, is still only half of what Nintendogs, Wii Fit and Super Smash brothers have sold. And the "attach rate that you mention was from 2007, last year it was found that once Sony's library started to expand so did the attach rate. And at the moment I believe the attach rates of the 360 and PS3 are close + add to the fact that we buy Blu-rays as well. So PS3 owners actually spend more which makes since we are older and have better jobs than you 360 owners.

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Cherchez La Ghost3462d ago

Halo 3 did over 9 million in sales. Only time will tell.

jack who3462d ago

3mili of those in the 1st weeks

pav23233462d ago

"3mili of those in the 1st weeks"

Do you know a better way to silence 9-year-olds? Please do tell.

Simon_Brezhnev3462d ago

just put jack who aka jack ass on your ignore list

gamesmaster3462d ago

jack is my first name, and this guy is putting it to shame.

cherrypie3461d ago

Halo 3 has sold over 9 Million.

Resistance, MGS4 and Motorstorm have sold about 10M copies **COMBINED TO DATE**.

The only thing that "time will tell" is how stupid this very question is.

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Aclay3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I don't think Killzone 2 will outdo Halo 3 in sales, but I do definantly think it's going to sell just as much as MGS4 or a little more because KZ2 is the the most anticipated game to hit the PS3 since MGS4.

The only PS3 game that I can see outselling Halo 3 is Gran Turismo 5, because every Gran Turismo game has sold more than 8 million copies, with Gran Turismo 3 topping out at over 14 million copies.

Maddens Raiders3462d ago

the Gran Turismo series has sold the most titles of any franchise to date?

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