Xbox 360 a "Gold Mine" for Netflix?

Very vocal video game analyst Michael Pachter has once again gone out on a limb by saying to GameDaily that the Xbox 360 is a "proverbial gold mine" for the growth of Netflix.

Pachter estimates that over 1 million Xbox Live Gold users use the Netflix service available on the Xbox 360. Of those, 200,000 of them signed up after the launch of NXE in November.

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jack who3401d ago

xbox 360 + new HDtv with netflix built in.

Blademask3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )


The only news on the 360 section is Movie news...ah, and I remember a time when PS3 owners were called stupid for watching movies cuz only da gamez r posed 2 be playhed on a consule.

Bathyj3401d ago

Xbox is all about the games. Ps3 is a movie player.

A high quality movie player.

MegaMohsi3401d ago

because MGS4, resistance 1/2, LBP, Killzone 2 are all high definition movies. The netflix service is pretty nice but still doesn't change the fact that 360 owners bashed the ps3 for caring about movies only when now they have netflix they can't stop talking up movies, double standard much?

thenickel3401d ago

Xbox brand has always been about movie services. The only reason people say PS3 is movie player 1st is because it is and you guys know it. They were trying to win and did win the format war and did it thanks to PS3.

back on topic

Netflix is pretty cool but the lack of new movies is starting to annoy me. They should at least let there customers know what the next steps are rather than having us sit there and wait. I've watched so many movies that are good I never heard of but want some new stuff already.

Sitdown3401d ago

"MGS4, resistance 1/2, LBP, Killzone 2"

US Release Date
PS3 System: Nov 17, 2006
Resistance 1: Nov 13, 2006
MGS 4: June 12, 2008
LBP: Oct 28, 2008
Resistance 2: Nov 4, 2008
Killzone 2: Feb 27, 2009

Now....just going off the games that you is easy to see why people call the ps3 just about movies. After the release of Resistance 1, it took almost 2 years for another title to be released. So that gives you what, two years of really no games to play...which meant more bluray purchases. Where as on the other hand, the 360 got the games out......and then movies/movie service slowly trickled along. You really is about the order, which is why people have said what they did.

MasFlowKiller3401d ago

I guess having the highest rated games of 08 counts for nothing right?


Oh and the most anticipated games of 09 does nothing for you?

I guess Exclusive DLC, most be wat u refer to "all about the games" not an actual full game

3401d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3401d ago

The other flipping thing is that Sony marketed the console initially as a home entertainment device focusing on Blu-Ray features. For almost a whole year (which is reasonable for a new console) they didn't have any quality games to boot. Add to the fact that a lot of people initially bought the PS3 as a quality blu-ray player exclusively as it was cheaper and basically guaranteed future support for new blu-ray features you can see why the PS3 is labeled as such. Even to this day, I would recommend a PS3 over a stand alone player that will get ignored by the manufacturer once it is off the market.

However, PS3 is finally getting a lot of good games, most notably KZ2. Personally, I didn't care for Resistance 2. It failed to impress me.

I just wish they continued to focus on gaming related features and stability in their update instead of introducing silly features like the Photo program, which again shows they are still trying to make it the entertainment device and not just a console. Their attention is diverted despite all the good games coming out this year.

Bathyj3401d ago

I guess I should have put /sarcasm in there.

I thought you guys knew me well enough by now.

Ahmay3400d ago

MGS1 was the first game that i played and felt like i was watching a movie. It was amazing at the time with the amount of dialect and awesome storyline.

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outlawlife3401d ago

i know several people who signed up for netflix after trying out the 360 trial

setting it up on pc isn't a bad thing, especially considering how many movies you can queue up at once, and if you are like most people and get physical copies you need your pc anyway

but considering there are now queue managing phone apps and such i suspect we will see it appear on the 360 at some point

at some point in the future i want to subscribe to netflix but right now im too busy to watch too many movies so its not worth it to me right now

NaiNaiNai3401d ago

personally im loving the netflix on the 360. i watch alot of anime and older movies like ace ventura and stuff. well seeing as ive now seen about a good oh 10-12 complete series on netflix since i started and that i can rip them if i want with my capture card, i have already saved a crap load of money, since each box set varies from 29.99 to 89.99 for 1 season. so to me its perfect. that added with the fact i have a 6mbps connection i never have to wait for it to buffer or set quality after the first one. even when i stream for other people online threw the cap card. so to me, its a win, to fanboys who just want to start a flame war, its a lose, but then again, who cares what they have to say.

zainkool3401d ago

I want this service on my ps3. Hopefully netflix will do that because it will only increase netflix subscriptions. I already have one but I want to be able to watch it on my ps3 and not just my friend's 360

Gobuz3401d ago

Bittorent + Divx + PS3 = Win and it's free...

Anon19743401d ago

Besides, even if I wanted Netflix on my 360 I'm SOL. It's only available in the US. Apparently because the rest of the world only bought 30% of the 360's out there MS figures they don't deserve Netflix.

Wait a minute. 30% of 360 owners getting screwed? Where have I heard that before?

divideby03401d ago

I dont understand this...Netflix instant viewing is total garbage..I mean the content is old and crusty. If you have Cable or Sat TV, I dont see any need for netflix instant viewing. My trial was extended 2 times and there is no way I need to pay the monthly fee for watching old outdated stuff

indyman773401d ago

What?!! Netflix has over 10,000 movies that are availible for viewing. You can't chose they are getting the other 90,000 converted to high def so they can over that also. If you chose some of the old movies that where not high def yet that is your fault. Netflix is awesome! FANTOY!

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