Two men try to hide stolen games in pants, resell them at GameStop

Two men from Russellville, Arkansas were arrested on Saturday in connection to the theft of 114 video games. Markique Collins, 24, and Thomas Dixon, 25, stole the video game merchandise by hiding three to four games at a time in their pants.

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thereapersson3221d ago

People love to steal and pirate those... ;)

3221d ago
thereapersson3221d ago

lmao Gametime, I can't see what you said, but I'm sure you got really upset with my comment. Don't worry, it was only a joke...

Don't take this stuff too seriously, okay bro?

thor3221d ago

In the UK they only ever have boxes on display, and the games themeselves are behind the counter. Is it not the same in America?

Panthers3221d ago

It is in gamestop. In big stores, they just have them behind locked glass. I dont know of any smaller stores that have games so I dont know.

GamerPS3603221d ago

In best buy, they have it all out in open.

duarteq3221d ago

In GameStop and Game Stores they only display the boxes, if u want to buy u must talk and they give u the game from the warehouse, so don0t know if this situation is only in America

vincentvegawchz3221d ago

Most of them are out in the open Used/Ps2/Gamecube/Xbox Originals/ etc... Newer Wii, Ps3, Xbox 360 games in glass cases.

General Chase3221d ago

I was at a Target that's close to my hometown in Missouri, and, while I was looking at the video games I noticed that one of the employees had unlocked the PS3 game's glass case, left the keys in the lock, and the glass case was wide open....they deserved to get stolen from that day....

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Panthers3221d ago

Make sure to sniff your games before you buy them from now on...

farhsa20083221d ago

those guys are so dumb, they should have put them up on ebay, not only would they have made more money but there would not have been any chance of them getting caught

dredgewalker3221d ago

Dont most stores use RF tags to prevent shoplifting?

JasonXE3221d ago

its Arkansas, need i say more? ahh you know im j/p Arkansas people.

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