TD Gaming Podcast 107: It's All About Thrusting

This week's episode is a bit unique - they've changed up a bit of their format to see what people think of the fresh new style. If they like it or dislike it, Gaming Podcast wants to know.

Gaming Podcast flashes back to the 1986 title Thrust on the BBC Micro and covers the history of Solid Snake.

News for the week:

* Voice Actor 'Michael Hollick' won't be the focus of GTA IV DLC
* PS3 Not Getting Fallout 3 update
* GameStop putting people in fat suits to prove a point
* Guitar Hero World Tour Kicks Rock Bands Butt In Sales
* Electronic Arts gives "Safe" signal to Casual Games and Burnout Developers
* Halo Wars Goes Gold
* Mortal Kombat Game In The Works
* Windows 7 - Performs pretty sweet in gaming

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