Street Fighter II HD Stuck in Sony QA Wondering what's happened to Street Fighter II HD Remix? The game that came out last year on Xbox Live and the Japanese and US PSN Stores? So were we. That's why our spies had a word with Capcom Europe to find out what was going on.

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Sangria3375d ago

If the game passed SCEA and SCEJ QA, why can't it pass SCEE one?
"Trophies" is not an excuse, the game was set and totally functional 25th November, SCEE are just a bunch of incompetents and i merely hope SCE will redesign its PSstore content methods.

PirateThom3375d ago

Because SCEE are idiots. This game passed QA in two regions, unless SCEE have some ridiculous additional tests in relation to PAL output, it should have passed QA as well.

As I see it, content for the store should be submitted once. The only additional tests should be PAL, NTSC, SECAM compliance, nothing more.

It does raise an interesting point about trophies, though. The content was submitted and failed, but does the resubmit comply to original date with original requirements or the new ones as of 1st January?

tonsoffun3375d ago

Do they even need to do PAL, SECAM, and NTSC checks now?

I mean the content is displayed in 480i and up, then again I have no serious idea how it works.

I totally agree, SCEE have dropped the ball on this one, the remix was used in other territories to gather hype for the release of SF4. Now to be honest, what would be the point of buying it? It will be far too close SF4 release and no one will want to buy it.

Which is a shame as it is a great game.

Bubbles bud.

Skerj3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

The netcode is absolutely f*cked on this game and play it for a few hours at a time and you'll see the bugs pop up. Usually within the first hour depending on who I'm playing with, the round counters get screwed up and it looks like we've won 3 a piece and we're still on the first round.

Then the character names stick to characters we're not even using anymore, and finally the lifebars get screwed up. All of this forces you to have to exit the game in order to fix, and sometimes it crashes your system on exit. Isolated incidents with this wouldn't be that bad, but when it starts happening on a regular basis then we have a problem.

Normally I'd be the first to say "SCEE is messing up" but no, Backbone is. The game has needed a patch since Day 1 and we're still left without one. Be happy SCEE is actually DOING "Quality Assurance" as I wish SCEA and SCEJ had tested the game a bit more. As much as I LOVE the game (I've spent more time on it than any other game this gen), Backbone needs to get their heads out of their asses. Sad that SFIV is so close too. ..

PirateThom3375d ago

Well, there's still a lot of people with SDTVs, while most are OK with other signals, there's still some that aren't, so they basically just need to start the game and see if it displays in colour and black or white, nothing major for testing, making it compliant is probably another matter.

But if the netcode is that bad, maybe it is for the best.

Mozilla893374d ago

Its ridiculous how inefficient Sony is at some parts of their online service. Why not just have one group that does quality testing for all of PSN. Breaking things down between SCEA, SCEJ, and SCEE is just too inefficient. They should consolidate and streamline the process of submitting games to the PSN.

monkpunk13374d ago

I foresaw this purchased a network card off e bay and downloaded it the week it was released.... its mint too just keeping me ticking over till sf4

IdleLeeSiuLung3374d ago

It makes you wonder why it would pass in other territories and fail in Europe. Are US and Japanese territories less stringent or more accepting of faults?

This is BS, unless it is a language localization thing, but I can't see it being localized and that would only be in the text.

However, I played this on the PS3 and it was laggy as hell. Are all online fighting games like that?

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-GametimeUK-3375d ago

This was a 100% buy from me... I cant play it on the 360 with the horrible D-Pad so I decided to wit for the PS3 version to hit the Store... Well im giving it a miss now... I might get SF4

resistance1003375d ago

Well from what i have heard the online is terrible and buggy and thats the most likey release why it won't be released over here.

And rightly so, i'd rather have a game which works and wait a bit longer for it.

I suspect its also the reason why Socom is taking its time to hit over here. Once it is released over here it will be patched and provide a better experience.

For once i will actually praise SCEE for making sure the products are of a high enough standard.

Hot_tea3375d ago

I play online all the time and the bugs are horrendous.
Also it will pair a guy from west coast USA with someone in eastern Canada etc.. an Fps this would suck, never mind a 2d fighter that relys on frame by frame reactions...
Still, I play it every day LOL

akumous3375d ago

I bought this game of the PS3 and it is at times terrible to play. Once you're in a match sometimes it works fine but it is buggy as hell. I told all of UK friends to stay far from this one and wait for SFIV..but seriously Capcom needs to fix this..both versions are corrupted with bugs but the PS3 one has no trophies and I think it is a tab worse..

MegaMohsi3374d ago

SF4 is coming out in 3 weeks, who's gonna play this game when a complete new Street Fighter will be available?

PirateThom3374d ago

If Street Fighter IV turns out to be "not as good as II", I'd pick it up.

I still pop in the Anniversary Edition of SFII from time to time.

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