New technology coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

Hidden from nerd radar comes a new technology dubbed the ForceWear Vest. Developed by Dr. Mark Ombrellaro and TNGames, the ForceWear Vest will be the next step in rumble gaming where the player will wear a full upper body vest equipped with 8 pressure areas. Basically, imagine playing Killzone 2 where you will not only feel rumble but the cuff of every bullet entering your CGI body, or playing Burnout 5 and feeling the kick and thrash of your collisions.

PSU contacted Mark Ombrellaro, CEO of TNGames and obtained some new information on the ForceWear Vest. Read on for the full interview:

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FordGTGuy4312d ago

at all and most likely never will.

NoUseMerc4312d ago

There are rumble controllers being made for PS3.

Splitfish Games is making some and Dragon Electronics are making rumble SIXAXIS PS3 controllers. I will be posting a review on the controllers soon on PSU if you ant to check it out.

But the Vest will bring rumble to a whole new level. I think it would be fun for wrestling games too.

dantesparda4311d ago

It doesnt matter that the controller doesnt have rumble doinkberg! it doesnt mean that this thing cant have rumble. And btw, i think this thing is retarded, its just going to far for me. Jesus! whats next? a whole body suit? come on people!

techie4312d ago

Haha no that's wrong. If the emulation software is out of the ps3 box itself then yes it "supports" rumble. You think PC makers will have to pay Immersion for use of any rumble? No.

Oh and the immersion patent is only applicable in the US...

"probably never will" ...we'll see

BIadestarX4312d ago

This is not going to work. This is not the first time they tried adding these addons before. Unless it comes in the box, developers will not support it. The only reason why the wiimote worked is because wiimote is the default control and developers expect to always be available. Developers will not spend resources on something that maybe 1/10,000 people have. This is why so far only Rainbow six for the 360 is the only game worth mentioning using the camera (face mapping) worth mentioning.

Boink4312d ago

but the novelty would wear off quick.

UrbanJabroni4312d ago be the first person on my block to not have one.

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The story is too old to be commented.