IGN: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Hands-On

With Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, developer Infinite Interactive delivered the impossible -- an addictive puzzle game with deep role-playing elements, clever writing and broad appeal across multiple platforms and demographics. The only place to go is up.

Building on the success of the original, Infinite Interactive is developing a new game in the series called Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. But this time, the setting is among the stars of a distant galaxy rather than a medieval-style fantasy kingdom full of monsters and magic.

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FrankenLife3461d ago

But I liked the monsters and magic. They have shown that they are good creative developers, I'm sure this will be a good game. However I would like to see a demo of it before I buy it.

I fully admit to being a magic nerd, but I am just not much of a scifi nerd.