IGN: Street Fighter IV Preview: Vega

According to Vega's character profile, this Street Fighter veteran studied both bullfighting and ninjutsu, combining the two arts together to create his own unique fighting style. That iconic fighting style is back in Street Fighter IV, as Street Fighter enthusiasts will immediately recognize Vega's high-flying, wall-bounding attacks and his removable claw (and face mask). Vega has always been a tricky character to use and that's still the case in Street Fighter IV, but in the hands of an experienced player Vega can be quite lethal.

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Swiftfox3487d ago

I must say the Street Fighter community has seriously underestimated Claw (Balrog/Vega).

However IGN doesn't share his true weakness of just not doing enough damange and having to big damage options when punishing missed moves. The best he has is hit to Ex-Wall dive (EX-Wall dive hits on the way up) and then Izuna drop from there. His Ultra leaves alot to be desired as well. I still say they should have finished his Ultra with a spiraling Izuna drop aftet the initial claw hit for more damage and just plain style.

Claw takes a personal amount of finees to control properly. A type of whimsy must be applied. Run into a good Claw player and you'll always feel you're just being toyed with.