IGN: Burnout Party Pack Hands-On

2008 was quite the year for arcade racing fans. Burnout Paradise hit shelves for the PS3 and Xbox 360 early in the year and was a strong game at launch, but Criterion kept expanding upon and improving the game with update after update, all for free.

And now, the Burnout Party Pack is set to hit the airwaves very soon in the form of downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and as part of the Ultimate Box package for the PC.

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Kleptic3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

a perfect example of how a decent starting game...can be made nearly unbeatable through DLC that is...

I purchase this game last week exactly because of this...EA and Criterion earned my money because they are constantly updating the title and making it better on a regular basis...for free...not sure how many people decided to do this because of all the dlc...but it definitely got to the point where I couldn't overlook it anymore...

although...i must admit...I did get this title for like $22 bucks on sale at Circuit might have had something to do with it too...but its still awesome how much support they are putting into the game...

one thing though...the car crashes in this game are I expected the same with bike crashes...something like motorstorm, with a body just flopping all over the place...but no...the bike crashes are complete trash...kind of a let down, but the bike dlc was free it doesn't matter...

andyo133493d ago

that bought the game when it first came out. back then i thought criterion were great for making such a great game as always (burnout is incapable of fail) but not only that they're always the first to add stuff. When ps3 didnt have trophies they gave us other acheivments, theres tons of them! but when trophies did come out they were the first to implement it, they were the first to allow music when the xmb came. If sony were to release a 3d feature im sure they'd be the first to do that as well. That's what i love about the burnout series, its always the best quality ever.

99% of companies i dislike because they rip us off, such as the makers of need for speed. as soon as the game came out they released pages of content, charging up to 10 bucks for it, and the file was only 1 mb! meaning that its already on the disc, just locked. That i really hate so i pirate their games instead. but burnout is great, i'll buy it twice (when it comes out on pc).

Also heres another reason why criterion are so great. Microsoft got sh&tty at them for not putting a price on the downloadable content, but criterion fought for us and allowed us to get the content free!

PirateThom3493d ago

Not only did they impliment the trophies, they even took a bit of time to make them a bit different from the 360 achievements, rather than just "ctrl+c, ctrl+v"