UGO: Resident Evil 5: I Want My Briefcase Back

UGO writes: "I may be alone on this one, but having played through the Resident Evil 5 demo (released on Xbox Live last night), it made me realize just how much I miss the briefcase from Resident Evil 4. There was something kinda comforting about it, kinda zen. You're in this hellish, apocalyptic world filled with almost-zombies and, every so often, you would take the time out to rearrange your items to make sure everything fit. One moment you're stabbing a giant Ganado in the head, the next you're stacking eggs."

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MGOelite3490d ago

i used to hate that damn briefcase, always trying to get them last 2 squares ajacent to each other so you could pick up that last incendary grenade. SO MUCH REARRANGING sometimes it takes like 5 mins

cayal3490d ago

It was a Tetris mini-game for sure.

But it also made it challenging.

Serjikal_Strike3490d ago

had to be the worst part of res. evil 4....

Storm233490d ago

I will be lonely with that statement but I liked how it let me break up the action.

Heldrasil3490d ago

The case is a welcome inventory control system to OCD's like me :P

Sitdown3490d ago

thought about it until this article...but I enjoyed it as well. Now that I think about is sort of realistic in nature. Like taking a road trip...with limited space, you have to really think about what you are going to bring..and what things you need to bring....and how to make it fit just right.

Evildoomnerd3490d ago

from time to time I miss the storage boxes from the earlier games, but times change,what ya gonna do? I think this video pretty much covers my thoughts.

cayal3490d ago

Yes storage boxes were awesome.

The relief you had when you were almost out of bullets and you know you got a grenade launcher in the box and you go into a room and there it is.

Oh memories.

somekindofmike3490d ago

I'd forgotten about that video, It just sums up RE4 brilliantly,

I loved RE4 and after trying RE5 demo I'm going to have to go back and play the RE4 through at least 5 more times before the new one comes out!

NaiNaiNai3490d ago

i love the new system. screw that case, who runs around carring something so massive and never show it. T_T

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The story is too old to be commented.