Flower – A Chat with Creative Director Jenova Chen

Chris Morell from US PlayStation.Blog writes:

"On Friday, I sat down with Flower creative director Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany to talk about his studio's upcoming game for PS3 available on PSN February 12. As you'll see, Jenova's quite a talented and intelligent guy - a film student and first-generation graduate of USC's video-game design program, you can tell just how passionate he is about games and the emotions they bring out.

Jenova provides some great insight into the basics of Flower, the concept of game genres (and if Flower is creating a new relaxing style of gaming) and the inspiration behind the game's extraordinary beauty. Plus, he drops a few hints about custom soundtracks, a secret ending and more. Take a look…"

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meepmoopmeep3459d ago

it's Sepheroth's MOTHER!!!

Sangria3459d ago

In that case i'll call my future daughter Aerith :3

Anyway, Flower seems to be very relaxing, i enjoyed Tori Emaki even if we don't have any to do in that game (or i hope so because i've never been able to do anything else than flying over the ukiyo-e paintings saying "Whoa" with a stupid psychedelic face).

Flower seems to be as much enjoyable as Tori Emaki and i can't wait its release (12th February).