dBTechno: Sony PS3 Wireless Keypad Review


"Regardless of the few complaints, this Bluetooth wireless keypad for the PS3 is definitely worth picking up, as it is nice to be able to easily send chat messages over the PS3 network to friends, within games, etc. The $50 price tag may seem a bit steep, but if you play a lot of games online, it is worth the price point."

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KionicWarlord2223486d ago

funny looks familiar *points to xbox messenger *

TMAN3486d ago

i like it and it is more than worth.much easier and faster than using a keyboard when you are in game.only drawback for me is it doesnt have a backlight,i really do wish it had that.the one i have for my 360 does and it is a nice feature i wish sony's had it as well.