OPM Portugal Reviews Killzone 2

A user at GameTrailers forums has posted OPM Portugal's review of KILLZONE 2 with images.

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Blademask3488d ago


Oh wait. 9/10. I thought it was out of 50. Thats the 105th 9+ this game has got.

Everyone worldwide is gunna get:


PataponKnight3488d ago

"...they talked about the game like it was a 10/10 game. Killzone 2 is getting some nice comments by all."

So true.

Ace_Shooter3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

OPM US: 5/5
OPM UK: 9/10
OPM Aus: 10/10
OPM Spain: 9.5/10
OPM Netherlands: 91/100 (only reviewed single player) 9.9/10
576Kbyte: 9.7/10
Gameplay: 20/20
Gamepro: 5/5
MAXIM US: 3.5/5 (lol review..but I respect it)
PSX Extreme: 95/100
Hobby Consolas: 9.4/10

If there *are some missing let me know. Great scores so far!

Edit: Except of course for that damn Maxim US (prob didnt even play the game, they know its not about 'dancing' wtf)


(5) 10's
(4) 9.5's or higher
(3) 9's-9.4
(1) 3.5/5 is what 75??

Maddens Raiders3488d ago

and that time was granted by you - you the strength in my arms...the holders of my dreams...

Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind..."

- Scolar Visari

HardcoreGamer3488d ago

the single player is extroadinary yet tomb raider and prince of persia games get 9's from the same mag,, now what shall we think.. does a game in 5 years development with the best console graphics and a MP (better than cod4 trust me iv played beta) gets a 9. this sounds fishy

but guess what 9 is AMAZING


JaggedSac3488d ago

What?!?! 9/10 for the best game eva?!?!?

Ace_Shooter3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Max Power why couldnt you tell me this earlier! now i can't edit lol jk. thanks though. my mistake.

nah i should've figured it out by myself i was a damn math genius! damn weed :(

40cal3488d ago

Damn bro, why did you have to put that video link. Off to play Killzone again.

Danja3488d ago

another great score....can't wait to play this game.....

lol...any realises how all the trolls stay out of KZ2 review threads...XD

Marceles3488d ago

they'll pop up when some idiot gives the game anything under a 9.

"HAHAHA I GUESS THE GAME IS A FLOP"...they don't have anything else to do but look at PS3 games

FOXDIE3487d ago

dont forget 8/10 from Level Sweden!

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cmrbe3488d ago

like the ususal media and how they grade Sony developed games.

poindat3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

If you're implying that they degraded it simply because it was Sony produced, I hope you realize that this is the Official Playstation Magazine. If anything, they are biased towards games that are published by Sony.

EDIT: On second thought, I can't tell if you are implying that they degraded it or are casually stating that you expected a high score such as this. I agree with the post above mine... elaborate please.

HardcoreGamer3488d ago

i understand clearly , I would elaborate but i cant be bothered and decided what iv typed here was enough, im tired

gamesmaster3488d ago

wow thanks for being hardcore.... hardcoregamer

cmbre is one of the few people on here with any integrity, so maybe he will elaborate a little.

without the whole review i dont see how any real conclusions can be made of this, other than they had problem with AI and atmosphere. maybe cmbre is referring to those generic we dont like the atmosphere things that reviews sometimes revert to when they've ran out of ideas.

i'm lost

cmrbe3488d ago

accustom to the media generally holding PS3 exclusives to a higher standard. I am really surprised that KZ2 got a couple of 10's already and this 9 is more of what i expected from the media.

Perhaps the media expected more from the PS3, i am not sure.

gamesmaster3488d ago

so you're saying, ps3 games are usually scrutinized heavily compared to others? i do tend to see reviews upping the critical ante when it comes to ps3 games, like you said expectations must be high.

poindat3488d ago

Well much of it is the unrealistic amount of hype that the media (keyword here is the media, not Sony) has built up for it. They have convinced themselves that this is the saviour of the PS3 (and no, the PS3 does not need a saving grace) and have reinforced in their minds over and over again with their complete disregard for journalistic integrity.

Another thing is Killzone 1. Some people were disappointed with the first installment, so the media is expecting Killzone 2 to make up for the first game and more. Halo 3 got away with being average because the first two were rather good (well Halo 1 more so than Halo 2) so everyone let 3 slip by. Killzone is the opposite, it will be scrutinized more than many other games out there just because of these expectations.

cryymoar3488d ago

like the article that questions whether Killzone 2 will bring anything new to the genre, and as if, if Killzone 2 DOESN'T, then it will be graded poorly.
However, these questions were not asked when Gears of War 2 came out, whether it added anything to the 3PS genre or if Call Of Duty WaW brought anything new. Those just slid right on by. Then upon second thought, people realize maybe those games were graded too nicely.

Maddens Raiders3488d ago

OPM always judges SONY - hard.

nycredude3487d ago

I also believe that some of the seemingly mild score (9s) when Killzone seem to deserve higher is due to the fact that fans all around have been bashing them for handing out 10s left and right for some overhyped games. Reviewer these days are just less inclined to hand out 10s for fear of sounding too biased.

I also think that, contrary to what people think, official Playstation Magazines (which aren't owned in any way by Sony) tends to be less biased and honest with there reviews because all they review are Playstation games. They are not comparing them to games on another console and thus there is no outside influence. They are just reviewing the games for what they are, games.

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Mc1873488d ago

Review , so excited about this game.
So ready for the demo to go live, does anyone know what will be in the demo?

smurfie43488d ago

I'm assuming that the demo will have the first level in it.

cryymoar3488d ago

i've seen so many SP gameplay trailers already, i pretty much already memorized the first level.

electricshadow3488d ago

I can't wait for this game! This is one of the main reasons I bought a PS3 back in 2007.

electricshadow3488d ago

I wanted one ever since they came out, I live in a small town, and they only had 400,000 released, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get one.