Twenty more Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps for PC now available

The third map pack for Activision and Infinity Ward first person sequel Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is now locally mirrored, courtesy of Call Of Duty Files.

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herbaldoctor73374d ago

there crapy just tried a couple

bassturd3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

thats cuz they are all user created maps. Infinity Ward had nothing to do with making them...which means they are most likely crappy...

which is why I'm not understanding all these comments hating on Infinity Ward. They have released all the maps they have made. Why would they release crappy user created maps for the console? No one does this...unless there is already a map making thing for the game. Only Valve comes to mind really. They released a couple user created maps as official releases. (on PC anyhow for HL2 Deathmatch and TF2)

Infinity Ward is great. They make quality games.

RedVsBlue3374d ago

Wow bring this to consoles

celldomceen13374d ago

they hate the consoles, so no they will never come.

Crazyglues3374d ago

That's a lot of maps... wow that would be sweet :)

Ghoul3374d ago

nope these are packs of the best community maps

Serjikal_Strike3374d ago

will get me to go back and play some cod4 again

bassturd3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

20 user created maps...

Parapraxis3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago ) would have been nice if IW allowed PS3 users to add mods to COD4 like Epic did with UT3.
It can be done, and Sony is not against it.

bassturd3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

ya it would be kewl. But most user created stuff is awful anyway so no big loss.

I didn't buy Far Cry 2 but were there ever any actual GOOD maps made from the map editor? Slow news day I guess...user created maps put into one pack is not really something to get excited over.

LeonSKennedy4Life3374d ago

The user-created stuff on UTIII for the PS3 was incredible!

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The story is too old to be commented.