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PS2 Backups now running on PAL PS3's

The hacker ifcaro first released away to boot PS2 backups on only NTSC/Jap PS3's and now he released his method for PAL PS3's too. (PS2, PS3)

Credit url: demonhades.org
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TheMART  +   2037d ago
To the ones reporting this as piracy.... A Backup officially ain't piracy. A backup is a safety copy from the original one owns. Its making sure something you buy will be protected from scratches on discs etc etc.

You can say all you want, but this is just news.
gambare  +   2037d ago
then you agree with the Xbox360 "backups"?
silverchode  +   2037d ago
ps2 backups :)
barakiu  +   2037d ago
I don't buy video games anymore
there's no reason to.
Danja  +   2037d ago
well ur gonna be missing out on the best shooter of the year in one month..XD
Bonsai1214  +   2037d ago
you realize sony will fix this hole with their next firmware upgrade..
Maddens Raiders  +   2037d ago
Why so -
barakiu  +   2037d ago
Shop only 4 necessities if you can manage
shop S-mart?

for all those people that'll say support the developers, I say support the starving instead, at least 20,000 a day. the developers, they'll live.


the way I see it, even as it is now with fully featured browser games emerging, video games will go the way of cable televison with a set charge for consistent online servers for multiplayer with unlimited access of games, the only thing thats missing from a pirates life.
(and then they'll have to compete with free services that make their dollar on advertisements.) the tech is now there to make this possible.

you could argue that one should pay for cable tv instead of wiring the cable box for free cable to support the providers for more original television content. Or critize one who uses their neighbors wi-fi connection instead of buying their own...for some reason or another. :)

my point is, there are so many free games to play now, and I don't believe that hype (i'm looking at you generic soulless fps...wow shooting someone in the head is "Mature".."hard core" even..[Puyo Pop is hardcore] .) someone looking to play would only need a console/pc and roms.

pc gaming isn't dead.

pc gaming has changed.

'console' wars (will) have changed.

God never changes. may Jesus bless you in your soul.
jay2  +   2037d ago
Other people report this guy please.
HardcoreGamer  +   2037d ago
could never stay online on any games as they eventually figure out which systems are custom firmware and lock out ur id and bann you, im not doin that on ps3
jams_shop  +   2037d ago
did anyone try this? does it work?
ThanatosDMC  +   2037d ago
I dont think anyone want to mess up their PS3s... Besides my PS3 has b/c and i have a collection of PS2 games.

Still havent finished FF12... bleh
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Danja  +   2037d ago
I still haven't finished FF12 either im still in that Tower fighting Dr.Cid....well I then bought my PS3 around that time...also and kinda just 4got to get back to it...

will eventually one day..XD
INehalemEXI  +   2037d ago
I had to start my ff12 over cause I lost my game save so I too have not finished it yet.
ThanatosDMC  +   2036d ago
I'm still around lv20 and i want to kill those elementals but they kill me in one hit.
TomMcBaum  +   2037d ago
Before this story was approved....
...there were several "promotes piracy" comments. That may be true, but I'm interested in this purely from a convenience standpoint. Bring on the US version!
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solidsnakus  +   2037d ago
the jap version is the usa version. it works.
cayal  +   2037d ago
Of course it promotes privacy.
LeeZer  +   2037d ago
firstly this won't mess up your ps3, secondly i dought sony will completely fix this as they have never managed to stop swap magic disks from working and all this is don't is enabling a piece of eggsisting ps2 software work on the ps3 with virtual memory cards
cayal  +   2037d ago
dude...wtf. Go back to school and learn to put together a proper sentence.

First of all, swap magic was a PS2 method. PS2s didn't have firmware updates. PS3s do.

Second, this promotes piracy.
Bathyj  +   2037d ago
I not the sort that picks people up on bad spelling or grammer normally cos we all do it, but "eggsisting".

Haha. Thats the funniest thing I've seen this year. Trust me Dude, I'm laughing WITH you.
The Dark Knight  +   2037d ago
Is it just me?
Or does that site have a virus on it or something cause it like crashed my computer
FantasyStar  +   2037d ago
just you buddy.
Bathyj  +   2037d ago
It wouldn't surprise me.

I didn't click the link, I decided not to as soon as I saw the name of the site.
The Dark Knight  +   2037d ago
yeah i just got that defender-review virus :@
myothercar  +   2037d ago
Not just you.

When I loaded the page I started hearing a bunch of audio clips playing overtop each other- they sounded like commercials, TV shows, and I even recognized the intro music for all Columbia Pictures movies. Then I got a popup for car dealers or something. And THEN I got yet ANOTHER popup, for a PDF- which froze Firefox like all PDF's do.

CTRL+ALT+DEL, End Task Firefox, then look for any unfamiliar processes and google their names. That site can not be trusted.
FantasyStar  +   2037d ago
It works for me.
My Swap magic 3.6 just came in the mail today, and I'm very happy that this works for me! You have to move the PS2 ISO onto your bootable USB drive. However IMO, this is definitely worth it. FFX loads like a friggin breeze now. Load times are basically nothing now. 1-2 seconds probably? (exaggerating a bit)

And yes, I own a "legal copy" of FFX. The original FFX and not the Greatest Hits box.
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ice_prophecy  +   2037d ago
SO... You still need a PS3 with backwards compatibility.

I thought this was some sort of amazing thing that would let me pull my ps2 games out... put it on a HD... then load it...

Actually this is sounding like a pain in the ass... Why can't i just shove my disc in like a normal person? *Fumes*

(still resents Sony for not keeping a B/C ps3 available in Australia)
FantasyStar  +   2037d ago
On the positive side, those with 60GBs can now enjoy faster, speedier, and even stabler gaming experience. My SSD is just loving it!
Bathyj  +   2037d ago
You made your choice Dude.
solideagle1  +   2037d ago
when u will beat that guy believe that will be the best cut scene in FF 12 other than that the story is crap as hell....even dragon quest 8 was good storywise.
caffman  +   2037d ago
warning to everyone
this site came up as an attack site. Only click if your virus protection is up to date
J@D  +   2037d ago
Actually, this great news for me. I own Japanese games that for obvious reason my US 60Gb launch unit won't play so this make me happy somehow. Now I can play it without problem ^^
farhsa2008  +   2037d ago
so how does this work exactly? step by step?
Baka-akaB  +   2036d ago
The people complaining need to STFU , i bought my ps3 with the promise of PS2 backward compatibility and advertized the removal of regional game restrictions. Little did i know at release day , that it would only apply to PS3 games , with ps2 games region blocked while 98% of my huge ps2 list are us and japanese imports .

Kudos to the journalists by the way , if they spent more time asking real questions and doing their work , instead of playing sales analysts , i'd known that fact .
Effin idiots got to deals often with import discs , yet not a single one of them got enough brain cells to try a naruto , dbz or whatever foreign disc .

Anyway thanks to that hack i'll play my games on the console , as it was meant to be .. even if it meant a detour

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