Why Killzone 2 is so popular

Many were not expecting this game to make it big in the industry today, most especially since its predecessor did not really fair that well in the past. However, with batch after batch of impressive Killzone 2 gameplay videos, it is not really surprising that Killzone 2 is fast becoming a phenomenon in many parts of the globe worldwide.

Gen Digi zeros in on just what made Killzone 2 become so popular and presents some of the reasons why Killzone 2 will blow the minds of all FPS Playstation 3 fanatics.

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-GametimeUK-3277d ago

Im not suprised Killzone2 is so popular... I mean the first one was amazing and loved by many gamers... /SARCASM!

TheHater3277d ago

the first game was loved by many gamers actually.

Kyur4ThePain3277d ago

Agreed. I'm one of them. Even the MP was fun. A little unbalanced at times, but fun.

Kleptic3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

8 out of this idiots last 10 posts have been about killzone 2...its all this douche talks about...and its always crying about killzone 1...and how 'it doesn't look that great'...

go sit on suicide watch somewhere else man...its painful to see so many of you on the brink of ending it all...

Maddens Raiders3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

it sure as hell was. I have 256 hours logged into that game. I threw it in the PS3 the other day just to hear Visari's EPIC opening speech again....that plus the musical direction in that game still gets the blood going.....

I am not new to KILLZONE, I loved the first two thoroughly....

3277d ago
Why dis3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I wouldn't say its popular more like hyped in the hardcore realm.

Blademask3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Not much 'game' news going on, so what else does he have to talk about besides KZ2? Ninja Blade or a RTS?

Whats sad for him, and the rest of the negative 360 fans, is that KZ2 is just 1 game... theres plenty more after it. If you think the KZ2 popularity is bad, wait till god of War shows up.

edit: lol, and Gran Turismo. wonder if Ferrari will use the game to debut any more future vehicles as they did with prologue. Its a good time to own a ps3, sorry for those of ya that bought one in 07 :(

Kleptic3277d ago

well I was a little curious as to see what exactly is going on with Halo Wars...doesn't that kind of release pretty soon too or something?...

I wouldn't absolutely nothing is ever said about it...and finding new information on it is a pipe apparently no one cares...even xbox websites are sitting around saying how awesome killzone 2 is...wasn't there an xbox website blog post of the editor, just last week, saying 'yeah...killzone 2 is better than gears 2'...or something along those lines?

Blademask3277d ago

"Visually, Killzone 2 is quite something - besting even Gears 2 "

"motion-blurred grey battleground stakes, and the weight and purpose of everyting from the weapons to the characters is somethign to behold."

"Most importantly, though, it’s really satisfying to play. The enemy AI, coupled with a well implemented cover system (unusual for an FPS) means Killzone 2’s skirmishes are uniquely challenging and gratifyingly meaty."

"But for a first impression - wow. Halo ODST has a lot to live up to."

So all of that must not be true, since the first game was bad, in GametimeUk's opion.

Talk about Killzowned, even 360 sites are bored that theres no 360 game news.. I wonder why they dont know that MS releases 100's of AAA's at E3... and all the fanboys on n4g do. lol.. its a wash folks.

Aclay3277d ago


I did love Killzone 1.

Yes, Killzone 1 had tons of bugs, glitches, and A.I. issues, but overall it was a Solid Shooter to me and I've had tons of fun with KZ1 and I still play it.

People like you GametimeUK need to get Killzone 1's issues and downfalls out of your head because you are just living in the past.

Guerrilla has learned from their past mistakes and has even stated so in a Video Documentary that was recently approved on N4G last week. EGuerrilla said that with KZ1, they were pretty inexperienced and for most people that worked on KZ1, it was their first project because KZ1 was Guerrilla's first game. With KZ2 Guerrilla said that obviously when you look at the game now and how far it's come, they have gained a lot more experience.

With the collaboration and teamwork from Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica, and Insomniac on KZ2, Killzone 2 is FAR from failure.

Kleptic3277d ago

exactly...Guerilla is not the same company that made killzone 1 anymore...

when Killzone 2 was first put into production...the company went from the 51 that where there at killzone 1's 135...135 full time GG employees...not any contracted employees from Sony, or the out-sourcing used for the incredible lighting engine (which was said to be out-sourced to a company that entirely focuses on real time lighting)...

whatever...the game has ALREADY destroyed the "GG can't make a good game" crap that fanboys spew everywhere...liberation was excellent anyway...killzone 2 is bar raising...GET OVER IT...

JaggedSac3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Killzone 2 is popular?

Internet popularity is not necessarily the best to have. Look at Snakes on a Plane.

Raoh3277d ago

gametimeuk, i see your sarcasm

but killzone was indeed a good game. it was sony's answer to halo and it failed at killing it but.

while halo 1 had the better gameplay. killzone had the better theme and setting. you actually felt engulfed in the world of killzone. halo 1 was just fun and mechanically worked better.

Danja3277d ago

but also..GG games back then didn't have unlimited resources like they do now..because Sony bought them after the 1st KZ game was completed..

they only had 51 person on there team compared to around 150 not sure..

and they game was rushed through the door due to the hype..the media..itself built around the game and not Sony/GG..

KZ Liberation was great also..

Str8laced3277d ago

How can Killzone2 be so popular and it isn't even out yet?

interrergator3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

to me the first game was awsome the two games have both in common like each of the two sides invaded eachothers planet

andron6663277d ago

They did a smart move by following up with Killzone Liberation on PSP.

So the KZ universe already had a good fan base that wanted more...

yanikins1113277d ago

Hmm I must have hated this game and it must have sucked because it only got an 8/10.....


I mean there is no way it had a great story (for an fps at the time), no way the locations were varied, the enemies uber-evil looking, the guns shot well, and the art direction was in no way kick-ar$e...



mal_tez923277d ago

I also loved the orignal Killzone. It was a bit glitchy with framerate drops and sometimes silent guns., but none of these hindered gameplay. The graphics were definitely some the best I had seen for the time, and the shooting felt more realistic than Call of Duty (too bad you couldn't aim down the sight).
What was best about the game was the atmosphere. You always felt like you were in a war, the situation felt real and important. Unlike Halo which never felt you wre in a war but just shooting for the hell of it.

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Scruffy_K3277d ago

Why is Killzone 2 so popular? Well, because it looks amazing, people like shooting things and every other article on here is either hyping it or complaining about the hype. Gotta love the internet.

Kleptic3277d ago


solid shooters almost always get a lot of attention...when you take graphics better than the rest...and give it solid gameplay with tweaks to old ideas...crazy stuff starts to happen...

CrippleH3277d ago

Here's what happens.

Site: KZ2 will flop because of KZ1 sucked.

Aftermath KZ2 have raving reviews.

Site: KZ2 is overhyped because KZ1 sucked.

Go eat a ****ing crow already.

Salta_nelas3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

The amount of KZ2 articles (good or flame) that pop up everyday is astonishing.

It's natural the game is having such praise and fame, it's looks miles better than competition.

Guess some are really bothered.

floppyfeet3277d ago

you will be suprised to know that the overall hype outside of this place is mild to say the least.

Remember when every sony fan bounced off the walls about LBP?

then 2 weeks after it came out nobody gave a crap?

Thats how killzone 2 will be , 2-3 weeks of "OMG BEST GAME EVOR HOLY POOP I AM SAVED"

then after that it will be forgotten for games like heavy rain , and infamous to "save" the dying ps3.

Its a never ending cycle of retardation

Sony fans HAVE to have their own little halo to rub in the faces of xbox fans , but the sad thing is , halo had nothing to do with the graphics and what not , it was the word of mouth and marketing as well as perfect review scores (back when gaming publications were not bought out)

Halo is a storm

killzone is cirrus cloud

Monolith3277d ago

ok remember the craze about gears of war 2 being the best shooter and should be game of the year with best graphics and then weeks later i hear nothing about it except when Xbox 360 name their incredible two game exclusives for 2008 gears of war 2 and fable 2

Graphics Whore3277d ago

Floppyfeet, I wouldn't make fun of retarded fanboy's when you ARE a retarded fanboy.

Kleptic3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

yeah I was going to say...doesn't that happen to the 360 more often than not?...

late september 2007: halo 3 releases...

all through october...'omgosh slized bread haz nothing on M4zder Ch33phs!elevan'...

early November 2007: CoD 4 releases...and no one ever talked about halo 3 again...

gtfo man...Killzone 2 is the NUMBER 1 game on GT right now...number 1...on any platform...of any announced game out there...released or to be released...out of like 7,700+ games...killzone 2 is at the top...nearly 13,000,000 hits, with over 3,000 people tracking already has 600,000 more hits than gears 2, and its still a month away from release...

its not just N4G...N4G is the only place with worthless trolls screaming in the dark, begging for MS to come and save them...keep yelling all you want...they, and we, are not listening...

floppyfeet3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

remember when gears sold like 2 million copies in 1 day and is a landmark of video games industry and you could ask someone what little big planet is and they will look at you like a retard?

Graphics Whore3277d ago

Okay Gears 1 did great in a total video game DROUGHT. Gears 2 failed to bring the same heat that the first did.

floppyfeet3277d ago

first of all , killzone 2 is coming out in a huge game drought , especially for the ps3.

second of all , gears 2 sold twice as much as the first at launch

god you kids are entertainingly stupid

Kleptic3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Gears 2 is just barely beating Gears 1 on live...the fanbase almost unanimously stated that Gears 1 had a better mp...and they 'broke' gears 2 in more ways that one...whether it be broken matchmaking...worthless gun tweaks...ridiculous host advantage STILL...or all the glitches that are just finally being patched...

stop crying in the corner dude...Gears 1 was an unknown IP...Gears 2 wasn't...Gears 1 was a success...and so was Gears 2...but don't start blowing your horn just yet...Gears 2 still hasn't topped Gears 1...which it arguably should have done by now...

Game drought for killzone 2?...what?...MS is desperately trying to fit things into the release of killzone 2...because they know how bad its going to hurt...isn't halo wars coming out day and date now with killzone 2?...I wouldn't know, because NO ONE is even talking about it...what about the DLC shat for GTAIV?...

if you mean for the PS3...well doesn't any publisher do that?...why would they stuff one month of winter will all kinds of stuff...Gears 2 released on the 360 with nothing else around also, at least from MS...

Graphics Whore3277d ago

"first of all , killzone 2 is coming out in a huge game drought , especially for the ps3."

Street Fighter, Halo Wars, Killzone 2, Afro Samurai, Star Ocean, Warhammer:Dawn of War 2.

You call that a games drought in February?

Gears 2 sold copies, and totally failed its online component.

solidjun53277d ago

I think this guy ( and floppy are the same person.

cryymoar3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

i didn't know it was bad to R&D. You make it sound like it's better for 1 person to R&D than 100.
Of course the PS3 needs more money and more people to R&D for, its not an easy-bake over like the xbox 3sh*tty.
developers actually have to work to get the best result out of the system, and guess what? that work is what makes Killzone 2 take a dump on gears and halo.
Killzone 2 isn't supposed to be halo, it isn't supposed to be some fake alien vs alien sh*tty graphics FPS, it's supposed to be a more realistic cinematic "theater of war" first person shooter.
I would much rather enjoy fighting a Neo-Nazi-ish cult rather than tiny 2 foot tall aliens that wobble around with a blob gun.

oh, and btw, there has always been LBP talk even after it launched. About the DLC, patches, AMAZING user created levels, i think you just closed your eyes and ears while saying "LALALALALALA" whenever an article popped up. Blind xbot you are, just like the rest of them.

Killzone 2 will send you running.

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originalrece3277d ago

Killzone is so popular because its the best thing since cod4..

beavis4play3277d ago

nothing (including COD4) comes close to KZ2 visuals.

Bubble Buddy3277d ago

Because everyone loves big red glowing eyes :D. And because it kicks as$

L-a-i-n3277d ago

red eyes are cool YAAAAAA bubble for you