High Voltage considering preorder bonus for The Conduit, wouldn't mind an M rating for the game, more

High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger has spoken about possible preorder bonuses for The Conduit, advertising behind the game, a possible M-rating and the game's high-quality audio.

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Product3162d ago

Marketing is never a bad thing but i wonder what preorder bonus could possibly come out that would be good.

BrotherNick3162d ago

Give me an all seeing eye.

BrotherNick3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Double Post >.> sorry.

TheColbertinator3161d ago

A special edition Wiimote or Wii Zapper of The Conduit would stick out

Product3161d ago

damn that would be the sh!t,like that BA one that comes with House of the Dead in Europe.

mastiffchild3161d ago

A Wii Speak attachment in the shape of an ASE would be very cool indeed being collectyable and usefule AND better looking than the normal one-or even a few Motuionplus add ons for the first 10,000 pre orders?
I dunno how good they canget a game to sound on the Wii's poor audio output but you gotta hand ot to Nosfinger and Co for pushing the little box dontcha?
I'm just praying they keep the 8 v 8 online and do not gimp it like WaW(would've been twice the game with normal COD numbers playing on Wii minus the bloody dog paks!!)as if they don't mess the level design and AI up the SP should already be a better FPSthan everything bar MP3(but Samus is a very different and special case as we all know)but, for it to really shine, we need it to succeed online.Goodies always help imo, though.

N4g_null3161d ago

If they could get the motion plus in there that would be way better than any thing they could ever offer us... I'm not sure it is ready to go yet though. Dev wise people have them but consumer wise I'm not sure if all the testing is done yet.

jorgeanaya0003161d ago

Headset would be nice; but that won't happen. I just don't want to have to explain all the cussing coming from the TV from the WiiSpeak that I'll probably have to buy.

Shnazzyone3161d ago

My money is on a soundtrack and a making of dvd. Possibly a t-shirt could be what we get. I do like the special edition wii zapper idea. Anyhow i hope they do get an M rating i have a feeling d-bags would really gang up on this title if it got a T for teen rating.

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