The Halo Killer

The hype for Killzone 2 has been building for four years now. When the now infamous target render was shown at E3 in 2005 a backlash was created that still hurts Sony to this very day. Now with a month left until Killzone 2 is unleashed upon the masses takes a look at how it has come to exceed every expectation that anyone could of had. Killzone 2 is the real deal. The real 'Halo Killer'.

So why is this game a Halo killer? There are three main reasons for it.

1. The single player is an epic sci-fi story.
2. The Multi-player is better than Halo.
3. Microsoft will suck the life out the Halo Franchise

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meepmoopmeep3463d ago

i hate this crap.
why does any game need to be "anything"-killer?

if it's fun and plays well that's all that matters.
can't games of the same genre be great at the same time?

PS360WII3463d ago

But I'm still waiting for the killer of that other game that killed the previous killer game!

We might as well not buy video games anymore seeing that something will end up trumping it eventually -.-

Blademask3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

1. Second to NONE graphics.
2. Good Online
3. Probably OK By COD4/Gears2/Halo3(OMG AAA) standards, Single Player.
4. If Sony gives it a 30 million dollar ad campaign, it can sell millions of units.

I love how everyone has done a 180 with KZ2, remember how it was just months ago? Still sites like GamesRadar trying to downplay it. LoL. Thank god kz2 had a beta, now everyone knows when sites are just BSing and trying to nitpick. Its comin folks, im just excited because 2009 is going to deliver the one game that was shown for the PS3 that I thought personally was impossible to do, but christ. KZ2 is the truth. Cant wait.

Pickup fear2 as well :(, doesn't seem anyone else liked it.

If we are talking about games that have better gameplay than halo aka Halo killers well:

10. Left 4 Dead
9. Half Life 2
8. Gears of War 2
7. COD4
6. COD5
5. Warhawk
4. Battlefield 2

ran out by 3.. but someone fill it in.

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PirateThom3463d ago

I could be here all day listing games from just about every genre that have better gameplay than Halo...

Blademask3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

this should be interesting.

My only beef is "Hideous art direction" its Halo come on, it definitely has its own style.

Lifendz3463d ago

I don't think has to kill anything except the perception that Guerilla can't make a good console game. Halo is a great franchise. Let it be. I hope Killzone 2 starts the same sort of name recognition with Killzone. But I don't need it to kill Halo. Halo is here to stay. Just like there's no God of War killer, no GT5 killer, no GTA killer, there is no Halo killer. The games are just too large and will always sell.

dukadork23463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

bubble for the truth.

plus halo came after doom, quake, unreal, halflife etc... while not bringing a single innovation to an already crowded genre other than running on a microsoft console.

halo3 == most over hyped game in history

killzone2 at least, is pushing the production value so far ahead of anyone else that it deserves a special place that halo3 quite frankly doesn't.

Aclay3463d ago

ARGGGH!!! Why the heck does the gaming media hype up PS3 games so much? They should just let Killzone 2 run it's course and wait for the critics to say what they have to say in reviews before making such bold claims instead of possibly jinxing the game with the "Halo Killer" title.

The media did the same thing with Killzone 1 in terms of hype and they are doing the same thing with Killzone 2, the biggest difference this time around is that Killzone 2 lives up to that infamous E3 2005 target trailer both graphically and gameplay wise and and most of all KZ2 is TONS more polished than Killzone 1 ever was.

Killzone 2 looks totally amazing in terms of gameplay, graphics, and overrall production value, and I don't see Killzone 2 failing in any way, but I'm really sick and tired of all of this "Halo Killer" talk when it comes to KZ2. The gaming media needs to just let the game be a freakin' kicka$$ good game instead of a "Halo Killer".

xwabbit3463d ago

Well kz 2 has to kill at least 1fps game... cus people wont be playing so many fps games at the same time... COD4 killed about all FPS games LOL. Now we have to see which game kz2 kills.... if it does tho I'm not saying it will.... not god to predict what will happen xD

SCThor3463d ago

but takes just one Killzone 2 to rule them all...

Maxned3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Wow I am so sick of that term. Even more sickened than "FLOP."

Nothing is a Halo-killer. Thats like saying something is a Mario killer. Halo reinvented the FPS genre, gave life to dual-stick and sold the xbox.

Why wont people stop this after saying that Haze, Resistance and Resistance 2 were "halo-killers"?

badz1493463d ago

WTF does these people thinking? it will never do what CoD4 did! know why? it's a PS3 exclusive unlike CoD4 which also runs on 360! so...people with 360 only can never play KZ2 thus can never replace Halo on 360 but definitely can replace all other shooters/game available on PS3! see? for me, it's more a Resistance2 killer than Halo killer because they both run only on PS3!

GameGambits3463d ago

People should be shot for saying "X game will kill X game." It just means you are a fanboy and not even a clever one at that.

Halo does some great things and I understand completely why plenty of people play it daily. For me though I put it down a month after its release for COD4.

My biggest gripes with Halo might be that there's no run feature and that the weapon balance really isn't there. It just doesn't end up being that fun or satisfying, but again someone else might feel it is just the right fit to their playstyle.

As for Killzone 2... I've been playing videogames since I was 5, which is just about almost 16 years of my life. In that 16 years I haven't been this excited to play any game, but Killzone 2 just makes me go crazy to wait to Feb 27th to finally play the full version.

The game will be great and I cannot wait.

prunchess3463d ago

Infinity Ward set a new standard in FPS with this game. I bought Resistance 2 and COD WAW at Xmas and still found myself drifting back to COD 4 MW. It's one game I wont ever trade in(again!).

Blaze9293462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

LOL...suuuuure. Just let the game be.

herbaldoctor73462d ago

the real number 1 is cod. is killzone better than cod4 or waw... that is the question.

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prowiew3462d ago

Killzone will probabably will be good, just for the graphics alone. Just as gears was at the time of release. But one thing is for sure. I got the 360 just because it has halo. Im freakin addicted to the multiplayer. I have to wait and see if killzone have good multiplayer. Im waiting for a game since halo 2, to control my addiction to halo multiplayer.

shovelbum3462d ago

Halo killer? Here we go again. KZ2 is going to be amazing or I hope it is anyway. I enjoyed the Beta but did not fall hopelessly in love with it like many of you. I play the Halo series but am not a big fan of it either. It is lacking on so many levels but the 4 player co-op is a blast to play and makes up for the other issues I don't like. Plus it has sold 10 million copies and KZ2 isn't going to come close to that...ever. As for an epic story, how about we wait and play the finished product before we bestow epic upon it. It is hyped like no other PS3 game ever and can't possibly like up to it. No game ever does.

shadow27973462d ago

Okay, guys. Killzone 2 is not going to kill Halo. The two can't even be compared, not because one is so much better than the other, it's because they're opposite in almost every way.

Halo has it's own style and feel. It's a matter of opinion. Halo still does things that no other game does. If you don't like Halo's online, then that's your issue, it doesn't mean that it sucks. To say that K2 will have better online is just ignorant, they're completely different. One is colorful, one is gritty. One is weighty, the other lets you jump 10 feet in the air. They're different, they have different audiences.

The only thing I can say with any kind of certainty is that K2 will kill Haze. You can't be sure of any more than that.

That said, I'm excited to play K2. If I enjoy the demo I'm going to buy it. I've got high hopes for the game, but I'm going to be realistic about them.

And just to be clear, I was not one of the people that hyped up Haze when it came out. I didn't think they existed. I was sure that everyone could see that it wasn't any good. Also, I own both a 360 and a PS3, but my bias definitely slides in Sony's favor. So please save the fanboy cries for someone else.

Also, I like COD4, it's a great game that I play frequently. But it's not perfect. Seriously, it's not the end all, be all of gaming.

And that's all I gotta say about that/Gump

Consoldtobots3462d ago

IMO we don't need a "halo killer" because halo already killed itself.
I had fun in halo2 compared to the borefest that is 3.

pixelsword3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Killzone 2 doesn't have to kill anything.

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Snow3463d ago

Here we go again..

low profiled websites with no credibility hyping up a game using the "H" Word.Deja vu?

tplarkin73462d ago

Brute Force was called a Halo Killer and look what happened...

ultimolu3463d ago


I just want to play the game. I don't care if it kills Halo or not.

Kleptic3463d ago

killzone 2 has as much in common with halo than need for speed: blank does with Gran Turismo...

yeah I get it...both games involve you more or less playing as a gun...same as both racing games I mentioned having you driving a car...

the similarities end there though...halo fans won't like killzone 2, as they basically don't like any other shooters...its not have weight...and you don't play as 'm4ssder ch33ph!1one'...

tag these sites though...when killzone 2 doesn't top halo 3 in sales...expect the normal idiocy of the media to be like 'well, I guess Sony lied again...its not a halo killer wah wwah wah wha'...look calling killzone a halo killer...

dachiefsman3462d ago

I like Halo the series, but just cause I like the game doesn't mean I don't like other shooters. Nice generalization though!

One more thing the only people who should care about the sales are the companies who develop and publish the game. Its not like your getting a paycheck.

The only thing I hope for in KZ2 is that it can be as good or better than COD4. If it doesn't make that mark, I will be slightly disappointed, but will still purchase the game.

user94220773463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

All we need is Febuary 27th to come faster, that's it, we'll find out if it's a halo killer when it fckn comes out.

cayal3462d ago

Feb 26 for us special people. :D

PirateThom3463d ago

You know the worst part? If this game gets bad reviews, bad sales or anything, it'll be sites like this saying "Sony's "Halo killer" falls short" and "PS3 is doomed", ignoring that Sony never said it was a Halo killer.

omodis4203463d ago

The press dubbed it that.
When the press gives a game a tag then that is the standard the game must live up to. Fair? No. Reality? Yes.

cayal3462d ago

Based on current review it is unlikely to get poor reviews.

However, media would never admit their mistakes. It's just not their style.