Harker the vampire nailer announced for PS3

Being released sometime in 2008, you join the character John Harker on his mission to avenge his fallen loved one, Mina, who fell pray to Dracula. Gamers will fight against powerful and stealthy vampires. Use the Sixaxis controller to launch ferocious combos of punches and kicks that would make any Mortal Combat junkie proud. (The game is also coming to Xbox 360)

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techie4313d ago

Kool. There's so many games I want to hear about. Like Beowulf, L.A. Noire, Parabellum, Heavy Rain, The Wall, Uncharted, Haze, Wardevil, 8 Days...etc. Why do they have to be so secretive!?

wolfgang4313d ago

Great. But please can you edit the title. Caplock are not needed and I think the guidelines of posting states that you should not use the !!! ate the end of the title.

InMyOpinion4313d ago

was announced about 4-5 months ago for the xbox 360, so it's not a "new" game in that sense. Nor is it an exclusive, you should have posted it as multi.

AppleSlime4313d ago

The article is about the title being announced for the PS3, and Sixaxis functions. No real reason for it to be posted as multi.

THAMMER14313d ago

2008 WOO BABY. J/K Um no I'm not LOL

BlackIceJoe4313d ago

I guess I was wrong. So now that there is a PS3 version I think thats cool. The PS3 needs more games.

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