Gaming – Recession Proof. But Inflation Proof? We'll see...

Over the course of the past few months, as the U.S. and World economies have plummeted, the Video Game industry has continued to surprise and open eyes with not only its resilience, but its outright growth.

We Americans love our gaming as much as anyone. In fact through at least the end of 2008 America had consistently hovered between 35-40% of the world's gaming sales market share. But what exactly has been going on in America as pertains to the economy? How is it affecting the world? How might it affect gaming?

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TruthbeTold3486d ago

Thanks. We'll see how it all plays out.

El_Colombiano3486d ago

You guys (I am assuming you wrote it) made some very good strong points. Although I doubt the gaming companies will inflate their game prices, as $60 is pushing it as is, it is possible. Hopefully with our new president we can pull out of this "recession".

TruthbeTold3486d ago

I don't think they'll raise prices either, but they will be hurt by the fact that they can't. Hence why they all need more of our support on the software front.