VGNerd DLC Review - Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

With Fallout 3 still being played by singleplayer gamers months after it's release, Bethesda has released the Operation Anchorage downloadable content to try to bring back the gamers who might have stopped playing. has completed the operation to Anchorage, so hit the link to see what is good, what is bad, and why "The content itself is well, boring."


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DavidMacDougall3370d ago

Damn it!! I already traded my Killzone 2 for this!

MGOelite3370d ago

lol i really hope that the lost and the damned is this bad lol

spunnups3370d ago

"I can’t justify the purchase of this DLC to anyone out there. The length, price, and the general lack of fun really make it hard for me to. Bethesda should have just rolled out one giant update, with mounds of content for users to eat up. Instead, we’re left with a short, expensive, boring snippit of gameplay which will remind gamers of the 2006 horse armor fiasco that Bethesda pulled way back when. After this DLC update, I’m going to really have to wait and see if the next sets are going to be worth my money. For now though, just stick to the regular game."

This is the very last snippet of the review, a bitterly honest one at that.

Vecta3370d ago

Maybe someone should post the destructoid review...

Alvadr3370d ago

Well im really disappointed, 3 bad reviews think Il pass. I wouldnt really care but I went out & bought the 360 version mainly for this.

Vecta3370d ago

Destructoid gave it a good review.

PS360WII3370d ago

Well the reviewer had a lot of angst in him 0_o

Ah well no sweat off my back as it's already downloaded and waiting for me to get home ^^

Gerry Mark II3370d ago

Us Ps3 fanboys are really jealous of this! Now i want some Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC!



sonarus3370d ago

aaaah exclusive DLC. Game is only complete with that DLC when its exclusive. If its multiplatform its a complete game. But if its exclusive then the complete version of the game is the version with the DLC.

This exclusive DLC crap is BS. I'm happy it got a crap score anyway maybe developers will try to fit some of this stuff in the game next time:D

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The story is too old to be commented.