Cnet Review: Maingear's high-end, tri-SLI Ephex gaming PC

Crave of Cnet writes: "It used to be that spending more than $5,000 or $6,000 on a high-end gaming PC returned very little in the way of actual performance. However, with Intel's pricey solid-state hard drives tearing up performance charts, suddenly dropping $8,000-plus on a performance PC will actually get you a noticeable speed benefit on a wide variety of applications.

It's mostly for that reason that we let Falcon Northwest submit an $8,000 Mach V last November, and it's why we agreed to let Maingear send us its three-way SLI-equipped Ephex gaming desktop, which we posted this morning. We weren't convinced that the expense of three graphics cards plus the expensive 1,200-watt power supply to run them was worth it, but excluding both technologies felt like too much of a restriction on the modern no-limit desktop now that solid-states drives have come into their own."

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