Gaming Nexus: AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "With the overwhelming success of the Rock Band online music store, I was taken aback when I heard Harmonix announce that AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack would be published as a physical disc. I was even more shocked when I heard that this brand new Rock Band track pack would be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. The final straw came when they announced that the disc would only feature 18 songs and retail for a whopping $40. By my math that's around $2.22 per song, which is a bit more than what you would pay if they were offered online as downloadable content.

Given all of these problems I fully intended to be disappointed by AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack. After all, I wasn't the biggest supporter of Activision's recent Aerosmith-centric Guitar Hero game, so I worried that this would be more of the same. Fortunately I was wrong. Yes, this is a Rock Band disc made specifically for AC/DC fans; however I found that songs were fun enough for even those with only a passing interest in Australia's top selling heavy metal outfit. Sure the price is a bit steep and it would probably be better suited as downloadable content, but make no mistake about it, AC/DC Live is a spectacular disc that every heavy metal lover should run out and buy."

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