Gaming Nexus: The Last Remnant Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I won't lie to you; the first ten hours of The Last Remnant are rough. As I trudged through what felt like endless battles full of lame bad guys and ridiculous heroes, I wondered how Square Enix could have failed so miserably at delivering another great role-playing game. This is a company made up of two of the greatest storytellers of our time, and The Last Remnant was the best they could come up with? I felt doomed. To make matters worse I saw that second disc just taunting me, letting me know that this isn't going to be a short game. Thankfully I stuck with The Last Remnant, because what I found to annoying and tedious before became exciting and involving the further I got. It may not be Square Enix's best work, but The Last Remnant is different enough to warrant a look."

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