1UP: Hands-on with Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

1UP writes: "I had my doubts when I first heard about Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection -- well-founded doubts, built upon history and experience.

For one, there's the pronounced emphasis on Sonic the Hedgehog in the title; as a character, he's fine...but do we really need yet another compilation of his games, given how many Sonic ports and collections we've seen over the past few years? Secondly, Sega tapped Backbone Entertainment as the collection's developer, and while Backbone has done some fine work over the years, the company's Genesis ports for Xbox 360 have been, in a word, terrible."

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garypaytonglove3407d ago

After looking at the newer filtered screenshots I was scared that this was Sega's idea of HD. But this preview confirms that the look is purely optional so I guess this game will have to be be added to my collection.