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Don Mitchell from GamesOnSmash writes "There are so many comparisons to XBL and PSN, and after all the back and forth between the fans it comes down to "but the PSN is free." What if you had to pay for the PSN"?

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blackpanther253488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

He made a mistake saying that the psn doesn't have voice chat when it does (maybe he means cross game, but either way he should be more specific). I can say if the psn is not free i would not pay for it, just like with xbox live. I wouldn't really know until a situation like that occurs, since i play online mostly.

Never the less it is a good question.

EDIT: if HOME is considered part of the psn. Then i would pay a reasonable price for it. Im on Home all the time buying new cloths and stuff and making new friends.

dantesparda3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Written like a true 360 fanboy. And he even uses all the same 360 fanboy talking points. Look i have both and Live is overall better than PSN. But its still not worth paying for. I know $50 a year aint sh!t, but its still to much for something that should be free. You are really only paying to play online, period!!! As just about every feature on Gold is on Silver for free. MS is really blackmailing people into paying for online cuz they know people will pay it cuz they wanna play online. I guarantee you that if you had to pay for PSN as it is, people would be pay for it. Maybe less people overall than for XBL and you'd probably get a lot more b!tching about the comparison between the two. But people would be paying for it none the less.

And also cross game chat and game invites are not a feature of XBL but rather a feature of the 360 system itself. The PS3 isnt doing those features because PSN cant handle it but rather because the PS3 itself doesnt do it. If the PS3 gets it installed in a update tomorrow than boom! you're cross game chatting on PSN. And why is this idiot (the author) saying voice chat? I think he really means cross game chat, cuz you can voice chat on just about every game that you're playing through the PSN. Stupid, Im really starting to think that the internet is just making us dumber, i know its having that effect on me. Seeing all that "stupid" all the time is having its effect on me.

Trollimite3488d ago

i dont even pay for live. its suposed to be better but i realy dont see a HUGE difference