WorthPlaying: Halo Wars Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Halo Wars does not feature Master Chief. It doesn't even mention him, except for a few offhand references that only the most dedicated of Halo fans will notice. Halo Wars finally shows us what the rest of the universe was doing prior to Master Chief's great adventure, following the story of the battleship Spirit of Fire and three of the humans stationed onboard: Professor Anders, Sergeant Forge and the ship's Captain Cutter. While attempting to take the planet Harvest back from the alien Covenant forces, they stumble upon a mysterious Forerunner relic that the Covenant has excavated; the relic leads them on a wild chase across the galaxy to discover why the Covenant wants it so badly. Along the way, they match wits with the Arbiter and the Prophet of Regret, two of the Covenant's most powerful and dedicated soldiers."

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