WorthPlaying: Moon Review

WorthPlaying writes: "There's no denying it anymore: Retro is in. People are gobbling up retreads of their old favorites like Mega Man, Bionic Commando and Super Street Fighter II like it's an old-school gamers' Thanksgiving feast. However, Moon for the Nintendo DS manages to bring back nostalgic joy without relying on a classic franchise title or cheesy 8-bit graphics.

Moon is Renegade Kid's second first-person shooter for the DS, and it's one of the very few games to pull off the genre well on a handheld system. It doesn't do much to define itself as a unique shooter, but the novelty of a decent shooting game on Nintendo's handheld is more than enough to put it on a pedestal. The real joy is in the clean and simple level design and the smooth action that's incorporated throughout the title."

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