PS3 Snubbed Of Section 8; Xbox 360 Gamers Rejoice

Blend Games writes:

"Earlier today we put some new screenshots of Southpeak and Timegate's kickbutt FPS game, Section 8. As you may have read in the previous article, it appeared that it was only going to be available for PC from here on out. However, a little mishap in the press circuit may have caused gamers (and reporters) to become misinformed."

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XXXCouture3492d ago

ye what about it? does it turn you on

jack who3492d ago

yes but it turns dev off

DavidMacDougall3492d ago

Hes retarded he says it all it the time, probably says it to himself when hes waiting on the bus

Pennywise3492d ago

I dont know, do you own a car?

Uneducated Loser3492d ago

Jack who...i believe you meant

"bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu teh cell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Graphics Whore3492d ago

bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu the Cell! creates amazing visuals like Killzone 2.

The Cell Works.

GiantEnemyLobster3491d ago

PS3 fantards get shafted again.

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MegaMohsi3492d ago

"ps3 owners miss out on one of the better shooters of 2009"

Well, PC and 360 owners miss out on THE shooter of 2009, Killzone 2

sonarus3492d ago

The real question is, is this game any good? I haven't seen any thing in terms of video but it will probably be mediocre but i could be wrong it could just be crap :D

cronaldo73492d ago


Cant PC and 360 owners go to a shop a buy PS3+Killzone2?

boodybandit3492d ago

and it's an honest one.
What is Section 8?
I never heard of this game before this article.

3492d ago
mfwahwah3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )


Same could be said for Section 8 (and what PS3 owner doesn't have a PC anyway?). You obviously missed the point of the comment that was made though.

Blademask3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

As they always do :) I'll be playing it on the same rig I've played:

Mass Effect
Gears of War

on. The same one that uses a controller & hooked up to my tv & surround sound, next to my Pstripple :) Have yet to use a crysis rig for anything other than work/crysis. 360 fans "rejoice" whenever they get multiplatform game news on N4G because game news in general for the 360 amazingly rare these days unless its of MS buying a PS brand game.

Of course this will be the "shooter of the year!" just like Alan Wake is the game of the year ever since 2005, based on what you ask? Eh.. feelings i guess?

Helghast Slayer3492d ago

There is only 2 reasonable explanations for this maneuver. Either Microsoft paid for this to be a 360 exclusives knowing that they have sh!t all to call their own or the developer wasn't intelligent enough to code for the ps3 thus making them pathetic and weak.

This would also show their lack of fps knowledge because the game looks like halo3 graphics wise. It looks bland and boring.

Maddens Raiders3492d ago

KILLZONE 2. The Best Shooter You'll Play in 2009.

fishd3492d ago

Pass me the rope,I can't stand it anymore...

Dread3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

well its official sony fans took over n4g.

i was hoping we could have even tempered arguments about games and what not, but any news that favors ms is immediate bashed. This has nothing to do with kz 2 yet every single post here mentions the game.

i am also looking forward to kill zone, but what the hell does it have to do with this.

i thought we were all gamers here, but recently things are becoming very one sided. i am very happy that people love their gaming console of choice, but try not to be such fanboys all the time. lets have a discussion about gaming not about hating.

i mean we know next to nothing about this game except its not yet comming to playstation. i guess for u its enough to start the hate


Aclay3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I haven't really even heard of Section 8 until now. Plus, there's plenty of Exclusive Shooters coming out on the PS3 this year: Killzone 2, The Agency, M.A.G., Quantum Theory.... there's enough shooters on the PS3. PC and Xbox 360 gamers can have it. I've heard little to nothing about this game up until now, so I could careless.

Why dis3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

KZ2 will be one of many good shooters lol.

You big crybaby what does a PS3 exclusive have to do with a multi platform game failing to release on all platforms?

InfectedDK3492d ago

Well Microsoft paid again.. But it's understandable since they are afraid of Killzone 2.. I don't care about Section 8. What is Section 8 anyway? Whatever it is for PC also. But hey, there are sooooo many shooters out there.. People just don't want theese clones of Crysis, Halo and so on. Just my oppinion.

Why dis3492d ago

Because you think KZ2 will sell 5 or 6 million and cause 360 fans to jump ship? lol

There are so many games coming out within the next few months I doubt KZ2 will win over the minds of any notworthy segment of new consumers durring that time.

Blademask3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

You bait out PS3 owners who are getting KZ2 that they will be snubbed over underwhelming looking-Section8? And then 360 fans "rejoice" over it? Please. I never even remember this game being a PS3 title at all, now people are rejoicing?

You 360 guys had n4g for about 2 years. Do I need to go to the n4g time machine and bring you links to remind you how bloodmask/powerofgreen/themart @xboxkings used to RUN this site with 900 bubbles each? Don't blame us because theres more PS3 game news/events/media than there is 360 anything. Its been this way since 2008. You guys got to enjoy the Halo3 days, those days are over. Even with 360 game news, the 360 fans ignore it. RacePro is going to be great, yet. all the stories are cold as ice. Halo-RTS stories are cold as ice as well. GTADLC is the only warm subject on the site, or 360 stories that have the PS3 in them.

You guys get mad because PS3 fans pour in on all the bait stories, stop posting bait then.

AND HOW THE HELL IS CRYSIS EVEN MENTIONED WITH SECTION8? LOL. COME ON? REALLY? Its a bloomed out unreal engine game. again.

Dread3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

hey blademask

first i did not post this story so back off

also, do not group me with those people becasue i am not a fanboy and do not critizies anyone without merit

and this argument of us against them your just brought is whats wrong with this site.

i want to argue as a gamer not a fanboy. i feel most people here are becoming too militant about this console war, to the point of attacking anyone who says anything pro ms and/or against sony.

i am trying to find a forum of gamers to discuss games. I like n4g becasue it constantly updates with new articles, but i am seriously thinking of simply not positng again. perhaps this makes u happy becasue u assume i am against u, but u r wrong. I am a huge sony fan as well.

but whatever, if the bashing and hating makes u happy then enjoy the forum.. its all yours im out


drewdrakes3492d ago

Blademask - You listed 3 people as opposed to the 300 PS3 fanboys. Also i would like you to go through that time machine because your statement of them having "900" bubbles is false, as at that time there were no bubbles on this site.

Id just like people to stop posting irrelevant information please.

fear883492d ago

Its a port of haze for the 360 and PC. Gotta love the crap lineup of 2009 for the 360.

ShadowRyuX3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Maybe it is because the screenshots in GI didn't do it justice or maybe it is really just a bland game...

likedamaster3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Although I've never heard of this game, it's looks pretty awesome. Like a mashup between Halo & Mass Effect.

I'm definitely keeping this game on my radar.

matchgrade3491d ago

By your logic, can't ps3 owners go out and buy a 360 and section 8? it would actually cost less money too.


ThanatosDMC3491d ago

Trailer vid of the game. I hope it's not the Unreal Engine again.

The Lazy One3491d ago

Dude. Very few. VERY FEW. game developers are "Pathetic and Weak".

Not developing games for a system is not a reason for it. Making a crappy game is a reason for it.

It doesn't mean M$ paid them for it either. The console is easier to develop for, and port from PC. Since I'm assuming PC is the lead platform, they just couldn't justify the port price and time to the PS3 with the gains they'd make from the game.

Game goes to 360: developers are paid or crappy
Game goes to PS3: developers have just seen the light of the cell

Give developers some respect. A good many of them are smarter and work harder than you will in any moment of your life.

ofx3603491d ago

Not that i don't think Killzone2 will be awesome but what enable you to tell him which of the 2 games, killzone2 or Section8, is better? Neither you or him have played either of the games. Even worse, none of you guys even know what section8 is.

cactuschef3491d ago

Wow, I didn't know all you guys had a time machine, and you like to go into the future and play all these games, just to jump back in time and tell us which ones will be good or not.

Helghast3491d ago

The article said:

"The PS3 will be missing out on a very noteworthy shooter for 2009. Too bad."

WTF is Section 8?! I've never even heard of this until now. The only details on this game are some screenshots that look like a "Walgreen's Brand" of Halo, you know a rip-off.

Everyone's seen gameplay videos/screenshots and reviews of KZ2 and it's amazing. I'm supposed to be jealous of some screens that have the graphics and look of a crappy version of Halo 3, get real!

InMyOpinion3491d ago

The envy and ignorance in this thread is retarded. Section 8 is clearly a Killzone 2 killer.

godofthunder103491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I'm tired of hearing that KZ 2 is better or this game is better.The fact is that know one knows.Both games might be the biggest disappointment of the year.

Ps3 fanboys said that sony is the only 1 that comes out with their own hit without copping or stealing from other company and went on to name MGS as a game sony thought of theirselfs.The fact is that MGS and some other ps3 exclusives was exclusives and made for the nintendo system first.Sony stole MGS,DMC,and even FINAL FANTASY and some other ps hits from nintendo and that's fact.

Their isn't anyone that could come out and say that they made a game without help from any other game.The fact is that every game that is made today got something from another game.people could look at every game and they would see that they got ideals from other games and sometimes even made it better.For exsample.Take MGS4 they had a cloaking device that blends in with the inviroment.How many games they had before that that had cloaking in it.Sony got the ideals from them and to me they made it a little better.

I know ps3 fanboys will call me a lier and say that sony made MGS,DMC,and FINAL FANTASY games.They claim that microsoft try and steal all the good exclusives from sony like MGS4,DMC,FINAL FANTASY and other exclusives from sony because they can't think of a good game themselfs like sony does.The fact is that nintendo had them first and Sony stole them from nintendo and they could look it up if they want because it's a fact.I also know that 360 fanboys will say that i'm wrong that halo or another 360 game have a better cloaking then mgs4.To them it right because i can't say it's a fact.I could say it's a fact to me because i think it looks the best out of every other one i seen.The same with a system.I can't understand how anyone can say the system they have is the best and it's a fact.The fact is the system you like might not be what the other person like another system is the best to them.People should stop saying that this is microsoft last system or it's sony last system.The fact is that they both are here to stay,if they like it or not they can't do anything about it.they should face the fact and stop acting childish.

The fact is that sony stole a lot of nintendo hits from them.I'm tired of hearing how sony is the only one that make their own games and Microsoft steals them from sony and sony would never do that.Fact is fact ,sony did steal games away from nintendo and they could look it up for themselfs if they want to.The fact is that sony is just like any other big company.They will do anything they have to to beat the top competor like they did to nintendo when they first came out.They did the same thing that microsoft is trying to do now.before people start saying crap like sony made every thing they have and never will do what microsoft is doing,they need to look at history because sony did the same thing to nintendo when nintendo was the top dog and the ps was just coming out.I'm not a fanboy but i'm tired of hearing that sony is like a christian and never would steal,buy or do anthing under handed to get on top.if sony was liked they claimed then they wouldn't have beaten nintendo.I'm not saying Microsoft isn't doing some of the things that ps3 fanboys claim because some of it is true.To say that sony doesn't is just pathetic.There isn't one major company in the world that doesn't do what it takes to get on top.H*ll just look at all the hostile take over of companies,look at walmart and what they were caught doing,and LOOK what SONY did to NINTENDO when they first came out with the ps.People shouldn't throw stones at a glass house if they live in one to.

marinelife93491d ago

I hope they let 360 fans use more nectar before you overdose.

Why dis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Here is some cool trailer.

giovonti3491d ago

Wow! Right on cue with stupid worshiping KZ2 comment.

Honestly though, it's never cool when a game isn't multiplat. What sort of child doesn't want people to be able to play games?

Nicolator3491d ago

It looks really sweet.. cant wait.. to take my 360 for a beautiful ride. wow!

3491d ago
BattleAxe3491d ago

From the picture, this game looks like HAZE.

NewZealander3491d ago

i know every sony fan says 360 owners have no games to play in 09, i just dont get it though, yes killzone looks good but come on, dont pick one flaw in every 360 game and then say X game on ps3 is better, not every ps3 game is perfect either.

anyway im looking forward to the 09 lineup.

Banjo tooie
Ninja Blade
Velvet Assassin
Halo Wars
Alan Wake
Splinter Cell (maybe?)
Ninety Nine Nights II
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Forza 3 (Maybe?)
Lionhead Project X, Game debut GDC 09
GTA IV: The Lost and Damned

and now section 8, and thats just a few of the games we actually know about, both consoles are looking good for 2009.

SaiyanFury3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Section 8? This is the first time I've even heard the title mentioned here. OK so the 360 gains yet another shooting game exclusive, good for them. The 360 with another shooting game, not exactly news to me. I'm not even sure I'm going to be getting Killzone 2 as I'm not traditionally a fan of FPS games. I liked the original Resistance and BioShock, but beyond those not many speak to me as a gamer who loves a good storyline. If it's good, I'll get Section 8 on my PC since I have a gaming grade system. I speak not as a PS3 gamer, I speak as a Japanese focused gamer. Games from Japan matter more for me than modern shooting games. If the game is appealing to gamers on the 360 then fine. Chances are I wouldn't get it even if it was on PS3.

YonasJonas3491d ago

Jenzo you're the most ignorant person on this site, and thats quite a feat.

Man_of_the_year3491d ago

You PS3 fanboys are so PATHETIC - do you not see you have just lost 1 more game on your console. Your library is getting smaller and smaller as the years go by.

The PS3 will not dig its way out of 3rd place by losing games. a console NEEDS GAMES.

This is NOT good news for the PS3 regardless if KZ2 is coming out. the PS3 needs each and every game regardless if its great, average or just plain sucks. Becasue each game adds to the library and is 1 more notch of a reason to own a PS3.

KZ2 may end up being the greatest game in the world - but the PS3 needs more than just a few good games in it's 10 year life cycle.

Sony has compitition this generation like it or not. It's not like last gen where every game went to the ps2 and thus having a HUGE library.

Bottom line - every game that is developed by 3rd parties should be on both consoles - what ever console doesn't get it is a bad thing for that console - again regardless of what is already on the console.

prowiew3491d ago

Definitely an honest question. Ive never heard of this game. But I got a feeling this will turn out to be a mediocre game. But I could be wrong.

tordavis3491d ago

360 gamers don't rejoice when a title goes exclusive to the 360 platform. This seems to be something only PS3 gamers hang on to.

Flamebait title.

shovelbum3491d ago

Well this has fueled the fanboy fires today. It's funny how so many PS3-only owners have all of a sudden never heard of the game. It was just chronicled in the last issue of Game Informer not to mention countless other outlets over the past few months. It looks pretty good from what I have seen but we need more before we get too excited. Regardless, it sucks for those PS3 owners that were looking forward to the title.

MetalProxy3491d ago

still to this day the bots are strange and lost...I do remember a few years ago here at N4G if you said one wrong thing they (xbots) would bring you down to ONE bubble in a heart beat. You guys where like rabid wombats. But now the tables have turned :)

All I can say is "Good Luck"

slak3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

And the games start to come out too the console that has no games for 2009

HighDefinition3491d ago

How about when games go multiplatform, like DMC4 and FF13 for example.

cherrypie3491d ago

"There is only 2 reasonable explanations for this maneuver. Either Microsoft paid for this to be a 360 exclusives knowing that they have sh!t all to call their own or the developer wasn't intelligent enough to code for the ps3 thus making them pathetic and weak."

And, this comment has 13 Agrees(!).

Neither of those two things make any sense at all. How about this for a _REASONABLE_ explanation:

The PS3 and PS3 titles are selling horribly, and the Publisher and Developer do not see any business case in a PS3 version because it will loose money. As a result, they have abandoned the PS3-version.

This is *exactly* the scenario that has repeated itself mulitple times already.

This is *exactly* what people who are familiar with the industry history have been saying over and over again; the PS3 has _failed_ and it is sinking fast.

The exclusives are leaving, and the mulit-plats are going Xbox 360 exclusive. This has _nothing_ to do with your "lol MS moneyhat & noob devs!!1one!" fanboy garbage. It is reality. It is not changing. It is not a suprise to any honest observer.

Argento-Nox3491d ago

@1.40 Man of the Year

PS3 is losing exclusives the same way 360 is, are you forgetting Bioshock and Deadrising (the later also going to the Wii no less).

MS isn't going to have much exclusive JRPG's at the end of this year either. When FFXIII and Versus drop exclusively to PS3 in Japan, it'll literally destroy the sales of all of the 360's RPG exclusives to date, in less than a month. SO4 for the 360 is only going to be a blip on the map for a month max.

Can MS get any of the Sony exclusive games like infamous, quantum theory, MAG, Eyedentity, GOWIII, Heavy Rain, Twisted Metal, GT5, uncharted 2, War Devil etc.? You know true exclusives? MS doesn't have a lot of studios, so all they can do is buy exclusives.

Do I need a 360 to play Mass Effect 1 or 2, Alan Wake, Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, halo wars, fallout DLC, etc.?

NO, I DON'T, as long as I have my gaming PC. Same can be said about this 'exclusive' game called Section 8.

@1.42 ToraDavis

Right, 360 fans weren't being complete "fanboys" bashing the PS3 for 2 years for every mistake on a PS3 multi-platform game. In fact they weren't cheering every time a game went multi-platform to the 360 either. They also weren't talking smack when GeOW, Bioshock or Mass Effect came out either. Did you miss the title of this article, it's all about 360 fans "rejoicing" over a game going exclusive to 360 (even though it's on PC).

If you really think 360 fans have been closer to a saint then any PS3 fan on this site, I've got no clue where you've been for the last 3 years on N4G. If this site is going pre-dominantly from pro-360 to pro-PS3, it's b/c there's more news related to PS3. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but there hasn't been a lot of 360 news b/c they haven't announced a lot games yet this year.

Man_of_the_year3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

What are you talking about? Games GOING multiplat is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than 3rd party developers not supporting games for the PS3. Do you understand this. Bioshock and Lost Planet are on both consoles therefor the library expands for both - in this case a game was canceled for the PS3 - thus the library doesn't get any larger where the 360's does.

You have your comment a little mixed up...unless you ment to reply to someone else and used my name.

LOL and you don't think that the 360 will have more JRPG's at the end of this year more than the PS3? You are kidding right?

And can MS get any exclusive from sony - you mean like DMC, FFXIII, TEKKEN, ACE COMBAT. GTA IV....dude please stop while you are ahead and do some research. MS have been stealing Exclusive from SONY since the launch of the 360.

"Do I need a 360 to play Mass Effect 1 or 2, Alan Wake, Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, halo wars, fallout DLC, etc.?"

If you wanna play Fable 2 YES you do need a 360, Halo WARS YES you do need a 360. If you want GTA IV DLC YES YOU DO NEED A 360.

Again please do some research next time before you make such unbelievable ignorant comments.

Get a clue bro.

Argento-Nox3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

@Man of the year

Yeah, I was referring to you specifically.

"What are you talking about? Games GOING multiplat is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than 3rd party developers not supporting games for the PS3. Do you understand this. Bioshock and Lost Planet are on both consoles therefore the library expands for both - in this case a game was canceled for the PS3 - thus the library doesn't get any larger where the 360's does."

I was just pointing out it goes both ways; Bioshock, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Saints Row were originally only on the 360 so PS3 isn't the only one losing exclusive games.

Did you even know about section 8 before this article? Was it on anyone's radar? I guess not, so what's the loss for PS3, another shooter. Unless you think it's going to be pulling in Gears like numbers who cares. Do you think it's seriously going to move 360's when the FPS players don't even know about this game?

"LOL and you don't think that the 360 will have more JRPG's at the end of this year more than the PS3? You are kidding right? "

Only one 360 game made it on the top 100 list in 2008 in Japan, TOV at #82.

1. Blue Dragon - 203,740
2. Tales of Vesperia - 161,070
3. The Last Remnant - 134,611
4. Infinite Undiscovery - 112,444
5. Lost Odyssey - 109,517

So where are these crazy RPG sales in Japan on 360? WKC has already outsold the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th bestselling all time 360 games in just 4 weeks. So where's this blockbuster RPG machine your talking about?

But I apologize, your definitely right, there will be more poorly designed RPG's coming to your nearest 360 soon, please look forward to them.

My point is that SO4 isn't going to move units the way FFXIII and Versus is for the PS3. From that point on, putting an RPG exclusively on the 360 would be a pretty stupid move unless japanese companies like losing guaranteed profits/sales on the PS3 just look at that top 30 list again above, not a single one above 250K. If you haven't seen the sales for Japan, 360 lost to the PS2, a last gen system.

"If you wanna play Fable 2 YES you do need a 360, Halo WARS YES you do need a 360. If you want GTA IV DLC YES YOU DO NEED A 360. "

Are you going to guarantee that none of those titles you mentioned above, aren't going to the PC? If not, then STFU! The point was I don't need a 360 to play this, Alan Wake or almost any of the so called 'exclusives' you mention. You do however need a PS3 to play the *SONY GAMES* I mentioned, unless you think you can really play a game like GT5 on PC/360.

Fable 2 will come to PC soon enough, unless you actually believe Molyneux isn't going to release it on PC. Learn to read and go back and read my comment again, where did I even mention GTA DLC going to PC I said FALLOUT 3 DLC numbskull! Your just pulling things out of nowhere now buddy.

"Again please do some research next time before you make such unbelievable ignorant comments."

"Get a clue bro."

Get a clue yourself, or learn to read better, the point still stands that I DON'T NEED a 360 to play this game or most of the so called 360 exclusives. I'll repeat that again, I don't have to go near a 360 to play this game just in case you didn't get the point that it's coming to PC like most 360 'exclusives'.

Man_of_the_year3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

In regards to the JRPG's why are you only considering japan and sales - There are more JRPG's on the 360 with more to come in 09 than there will be for the PS3 WORLD WIDE. Japan is not teh world especially if i don't live there.

And MS losing exclusives to Sony...Bioshock was on the 360 only becasue the PS3 wasn't out yet - the coding in Bioshock had always been set that there would be a PS3 port. So there was no indication that it was an exclusive. Nor was Lost Planet ever said be either party that it was an exclusive - Saints row 1 is still exclusive only because the PS3 wasn't out yet - Saints row 2 is multi.

You still can't seem to grasp the fact that MS hasn't lost exclusives. They still have the games that are multiplat - Its SONY who has lost the exclusives as stated earlier. Its worse for a 3rd party dev to not make a game multiplat for that console than it is for the game to be on both consoles - do you not see the difference in your arguments.

2 completely seperate topics. The topic you have chosen to bring up is about losing exclusives - however its SONY who has truly lost the exclusives - as stated above for examples.

I am done talking to you as you are so delusional that you cannot even comprehend what the topic is about - and actually i did know about section 8 about 2 years ago on the release dates - it was a game that was under the TBA section. i saw the first trailer in 08 - which was basically the same trailer but half the size and a bit different on Gametrailers.

So now you have to resort to "SPECULATING" that those games that i mentioned that are only on the 360 will be on the PC as your argument.

You fail

Im done with your kind

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BretzE3492d ago

yes undoubtedly this game, which many have never heard of, will be one of the better shooters of 2009. /sarcasm

This game doesn't look very impressive at all, so saying PS3 owners will be missing out is a bit of a joke.

meepmoopmeep3492d ago

i've honesty never heard of this game

bee24273492d ago

to be completely fair, I noticed this game at gametrailers and its in the ps3 section so thats how I came across it since i only own a ps3... this game does look pretty bad ass and the graphics are impressive, but there was no in game, it was all cutscenes so it doesnt really mean much or dignify the claim that it is going to be one of the best FPS of 2009.

Jazz41083492d ago

This cite has never and I repeat never had more people favoring MS. This cite has always as far as I can remember been a breeading ground for Sony BS and Fud.

butterfinger3491d ago

"This cite has never and I repeat never had more people favoring MS. This cite has always as far as I can remember been a breeading ground for Sony BS and Fud."

LMFAO. You clearly haven't visited N4G or read the comments section pre-2008ish.

ofx3603491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

How much more work does it take to move you finger up from "c" to "s"; or do you just not know how to spell "site"? Actually, "s" is on the home row...

Anyways, i've never heard of it either. Probably because it's not coming to the ps3. I couldn't careless about 360 releases.

cactuschef3491d ago


Whoa their cowboy, I'm going to have to write you a "sitation" for improper use of the English language.

ButterToast3491d ago

this game has southpeak's name stamped on it so its pretty much guaranteed to be crap regardless of what platform it come out on.

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ultimolu3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

And I've never heard of this game before.

And I'll be too busy playing Killzone 2.