Section 8 - Behind the Scenes video

TimeGate published their first behind the scenes video from Section 8. Enjoy.

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pansenbaer3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

"...a bada$$ game coming out in a couple of years."

Doesn't sound like this will be THE shooter of 09 after all... still looks pretty good if you're into that type of shooter. I could never get into 'spacy sci-fi' shooters. Too fake for my taste.

Spike473374d ago

and it looks like halo :)

tako20003374d ago

Screen shot and trailer doesn't prove anything, I had my share of disappointment due to expectation from screen shot&trailer.

Beside the game look similar to Crysis and/or HALO, which set the bar pretty high for this game. I say until more game-play video show up, let's not put up our expectation.

PS: isn't Section 8 canceled PS3 version? This post shouldn't be in PS3 area, aye?