Loot Ninja Review: LOTR: Conquest

Loot Ninja Writes:

"When details first emerged of a Lord of the Rings game, that is based on Star Wars Battlefront, taking place in Middle Earth, and allows you to play as the heroes that you so closely followed in the trilogy, fans everywhere could not wait to get their hands on this title. Then, we got our hands on this title. If I could, I would throw this fucker right into Mount Doom and walk home into a hobbit pillow fight. Is the game awful? No. Am I thoroughly and completely disappointed? You bet your short, hairy ass."

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drunkpandas3371d ago

The game had a lot of promise, too bad it doesn't hold up. Getting through both the good and evil campaigns in a total of 4 hours is a joke. I can't believe they made it so short, especially when the multiplayer isn't all that either.

greyishfox3370d ago

I played the demo and it let me down from what I expected, not sure I would pay for the full version.