The five Xbox 360 titles that you must play

360Evolved lays out the five Xbox 360 titles that you must play at least once.

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Gue13407d ago

aren't all of these multi-plats?

BLUR1113407d ago

They could have put...

The five Xbox360/PS3 titles that you must play.

it's like they are telling you to only play Xbox 360.

Blackmoses3407d ago

took the words right off of my keyboard! I was wondering what was up with that list. All these titles can be played on the PS3....
If you were gonna make a list you'd think it would be exclusive titles that would need to be played. Especially given the fact that anyone can play these particular game titles, regardless of what system you may own.

FantasyStar3407d ago

I find the lacking of Dead Rising and Lost Planet disturbing.

UnSelf3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

whats wit this list.

wheres Crackdown and Gears?

im an avid PS3 zealot but Crackdown is perhaps the only game i pray is ported to the PS3 one day.

meepmoopmeep3407d ago

odd list since 90% are multi-plat.

i would go with:

Fable 2
Mass Effect
Lost Odyssey
Gears 2
_______ (fill in the blank)

meepmoopmeep3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

haha, sorry, my bad

i'm not into racers, they all sound the same to me unless it's Motorstorm or GT
which i know are exclusives

PS: your avatar looks like Loyd Banks :)

caladbolg7773407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Hey thanks. Crackdown is one of my fav 360 games too (but that's probably because I worked on it).

Did anyone notice the editor's note at the bottom of the article? "Editor’s Note: These are the author’s top 5 titles that can be played on an Xbox 360, they are multiplatform titles but the author did not claim these titles to be exclusive."

IcarusOne3407d ago

Why not just call the article "the five titles you must play"? Everyone one of these is multiplat.

Blademask3407d ago

as usual. Microsoft has done a good job convincing its own fans that multiplatform games are exclusive to the 360 though. Such a bs tactic, but hey what else can they do?

burbulla3407d ago

What a BS read all fu<king multipltforms, I would say gears and mass effects.

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militant073407d ago

Lol, that was stupid list ( all multi )

its should be like this:- ( Exclusives )

1- Halo 3 << Great Unique FPS, With great multilayer experience.

2- Gears of War 1&2 << The best shooter camping i played with GREAT multiplayer (1 NOT 2).

3- DEAD RISING << Really REALLY REALLY FUN, I'm playing it now for the 7nth time and its really challenging (Ex. Survive challenge, good story.

4- Fable II << one of the best WRPG i don't know really what to say.

5- LOST ODYSSEY/TALES OF VESPERIA IS A MUST BUY IF YOU WERE RPG FAN or VIVA PINATA if your looking for relaxing game its really really great.

CyberCam3407d ago

I have never owned an xb360 but I would have to agree with your list more so than the author's (though I would replace "LOST ODYSSEY/TALES OF VESPERIA" with Mass Effect).

militant073407d ago

oops sorry i forgot Mass Effect.

blackpanther253407d ago

i totally agree. I love viva pinata lol. i got so far in that game. Mass effect is a must as well

bigman73873406d ago

I don't know what it is about dead rising that is exciting. I guess it's just not my taste. I lost interest in that game so quickly its not even funny.

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Rowland3407d ago

..this list must have been compiled by an adolescent misfit with the brain of a 5 year old with severe learning difficulties.

The site that is hosting this utter drivel should be ashamed beyond belief & re-named 360NOTevolved immediately.

Shmapanese3407d ago

im a ps3 junkie and I even know there are waaay better games then tho/s out there..

-GEARS 1 and 2?
-even HALO 3.
-Dead rising?
-or my personal favorite game ever on the 360 so far: PREY (prey 2 cant wait for even though my 360(s) are all gone).

PREY was an AMZING experience.. it was accually the 1st game i ever played on the 360.

SRU96003407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Yeah, Prey is a great game.

I walked past it at my local Walmart for like a year before I finally purchased it (for $20). I figured it would suck, but after just an hour or two of playing it, I realized that it was one of the best FPS games I had ever played.

It's a shame that it doesn't get mentioned more often.

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