Ten Signs That You're A Grumpy Old Gamer - Feature's resident grouch Phil May highlights ten signs that you're a grumpy gamer.

Highlights include finding DLC a little bit too mysterious, being confused by all those damned buttons and bitching, whining and moaning on internet forums.

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mindedone3336d ago

and I stopped reading. Really, if you are that adverse to the things in this list, then you're probably not reading about gaming on some website.

HairyArse3336d ago

...I'm pretty sure this was written with tongue firmly in cheek.

Nihilism3336d ago

i don't find it mysterious i f-ing loath it, i just bought 1000 ms points on games for windows live to get the fallout 3 anchorage expansion, and guess what for some f-ed up reason australia, new zealand, uk, portugal, canada , holland, and many other countries....cannot download it through gfwl, because the system sucks, so now i essentially have a gift voucher for a store that doesn't exist, what a terrific experience it has been....not purchasing dlc with my points that i cannot get a refund for, yippy!!!!

Mc1873336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

That sucks.

Here have a bubble

cactuschef3336d ago

This article is complete and utter sh1t