The Biggest LittleBigPlanet Fans

PS3Hype writes: 'LittleBigPlanet has a big community. And in every community you have fans! Some of those fans want to show the whole world their love to Sackboy. And here you can see how they do that'.

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grantps33492d ago

i have about 130 hours of gameplay in it, and im still playing it and unlocking new things.

the first 3 days i had it i spent 30 hours on it....that was one hell of a weekend.

dukadork23492d ago

this game has looooooooooooooong legs...
i keep coming back to it.
kudos MM, you guys are true geniuses!

n4f3492d ago

anybody that is a fan of this have to be real lame

inbfour3492d ago

This game is fantastic.