Why the Xbox 360 is in Real Trouble? Explains

Due to intense reaction to's previous article 'Is The Xbox 360 In Real Trouble?', the site felt the need to explain the numbers used to justify the article. No spin just numbers. The Xbox 360 is in real trouble! wrote the article after reading a examination of the numbers done by the awesome website The following is a direct quote from that article:

"Gamasutra examined data provided by the three major platform holders -- Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo -- to stitch together a full picture of just how the market share has changed from 2007 to 2008, and how Microsoft made less money with its Xbox 360 business in 2008 than in the previous year."

Take the jump for pie charts and more.

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omodis4203463d ago

Take that crappy xbox fanboys. Real facts and numbers to prove a point.

UnSelf3463d ago

talk about a taste of ur own have some more, u look ill 360 fanboys

meepmoopmeep3463d ago

all i saw was blueberry, strawberry, lime pie.


Halochampian3463d ago

worst article I have seen in a while.The 360 and ps3 both went down 5%.

This article should be "why the 360 and ps3 are in trouble."

ultimolu3463d ago

Nobody's saying that the PS3 leapfrogged over the 360. The thing is...that pricecut may have sold more 360's but in the end you have to wonder if it was worth it.

That's what I observed in this article.

I think there could be a good reason why Sony didn't drop the price on the PS3.

Halochampian3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Sony fanboys are crazy.

None of the systems are in trouble. This article was made by a fanboy. And who submitted it is obviously one yet everyone agrees with him.

Gamesultra?? who has ever heard of them?

If people want to see a lot of change. compare 2004's numbers to 2008. Look how much that has changed.

ultimolu3463d ago

C'mon Halo...360 fanboys can be just as crazy. You know that as well as I do. I don't think someone would be that insane to create a chart, write all of that stuff for the sake of a fanboy war. Articles on this site were accepted here before.

Everyone knows the PS3 is in third place. There's no spinning that.

KingME3463d ago

The article never said anything about the PS3 or the wii specifically.

From what I gathered, it compared the 360 alone against sony and nintendo. The Pie chart never showed PS3 percentages, 360 percentages, or wii percentages. What is showed was Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

Now, being that Sony and Nintendo both have multiple consoles (three in sony's case) No sh!t they made more money. Another way to look at the chart would be to say WOW, Microsoft was that close to nintendo and Sony carrying only the 360 while Sony has the PS2, PS3 and the PSP and Nintendo has the wii and the DS. Not bad MS, not bad.

So I guess in summary, I would have to say this that article although many have true numbers on it(actually the charts says estimated), it doesn't not represent what they are actually asking. "Why the Xbox 360 is in Real Trouble"

The funny this is, the 360 was below the others in 07 and the genius' at gamerfront said nothing. Suddenly the 360 is in real trouble.

We already new they nintendo and Sony had a bigger market share when it come to "ALL" consoles, where is the Pie chart for market share for "Nextgen" consoles, I'm thinking sony's not ahead of the 360 in that category. So nice try Gaming... but you failed.

Additionally, the comments that they put in their article:

"It is well known that Sony has a monster line-up in the tank for the next few years. As well as a future price drop because of decreased costs in manufacturing."

This type of a comment from a site that want's to be seen as neutral is just stupid.

Lastly, both charts should estimated numbers and not factual numbers, how can you call something cold hard facts if your charts say "Estimated".

Halochampian3463d ago

Im not denying that 360 fanboys are bad. But this place is overrun with Sony fanboys.

I always try to defend something from the majority. On bugie's forums, I always defend the PS3 as a good console. But I never get the hate there as I do here. This place is filled with hate, and if you even try to defend the 360 here, you will get hated on.

ultimolu3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago ) you see the people tracking me? They're tracking me (most of them) to disagree with me like a couple of matter what I say.

I defend the PS3 here and I get attacked as well. You get hated on if you defend the PS3 as well. I've been accused of praising all things Sony related when there are times when I HAVE criticized them. Hell, I praised Microsoft a few times for doing a lot better than the original XBox. But of course, 360 fanboys ignore that and label me a Microsoft hater. I have criticized both systems and yet that's ignored.

When I first came here, there were more 360 fanboys here than actual PS3 fans making fun of the PS3 because miltiplats didn't look as good as they looked on the 360.

EDIT: And this is why fanboyism sucks Halo.

blackpanther253463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

yeah i understand what you are saying. I think it is just a matter of understanding the merits and de-merits of things. I always say live is better than psn and i get mad disagrees. People just have to understand when something is wrong/right it is wrong/right there is nothing more to it. i defend ps3 more on n4g because i believe a lot of people don't give the console what it deserves. When people get on the 360 blindly i attack back if i believe their statement is incorrect.

@Below: 9 more people agree with him than disagree. That really isn't a huge amount. I personally think hitting that button doesn't mean crap. I got like 20 diagrees like a month back when i said The Last Remnant sucks and i got hate mail as well from xbox people.

krisq3463d ago

Just in case you didn't know. Gamasutra is not for gamers. It's for those who make games.

Halochampian3463d ago

Here is an easy way to prove my point. See the first post on here? The one saying "take that xbox fanboys."

Look at the agrees compared to disagrees.

If this was an article with same numbers but favored for the 360, and I posted "take that sony fanboys," I would be down to 1 bubble. There is just THAT much of a difference in Sony loyalists to xbox's.

I have been registered on this sight for over 2 years. I have been looking here for more than that. I have never seen as many xbox fanboys as I see Sony ones on here now.

Why dis3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Trying to paint a BS picture to turn Sony's lackluster performance on the 360 in some twisted way.

PS3 is losing man being out sold by 200k a month lol.

If the 360 is doomed Sony must be shutting down PS3 the factories as we speak.

LMAO at all these destraction fud posts(make up BS about 360 so people won't focus on PS3)

IdleLeeSiuLung3463d ago

Any idiot can see that Sony market share in revenue doesn't matter. It is profit and potential for future business. MS although lost revenue and profit, have increased investment in reaping long term benefit of the larger user base.

In the world of consoles, unless you are making a profit on every console sold like the Wii, increased revenue means nothing compared to installed user base. Because a person paid twice as much for their console doesn't mean they are likely to spend twice as much money on games and accessories.

The company in trouble is the one unable to garner a large enough user base (I'm generalizing, not necessary taking a stab at Sony) for third party developers to continue to support and publish games for.

This is a very skewed and naive article that doesn't even examine other examine other number or facts. I can spin numbers better!!!

cmrbe3463d ago

Here is a new revelation for you

x360 = MS xbox division.

Why dis3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

"(Remember that Nintendo's marketshare includes Wii, DS, and trace amounts of Game Boy Advance, Sony's includes PS2, PS3, and PSP, and Microsoft's includes Xbox 360 and trace amounts of Xbox):"

*omodis420* cherrypicked this version of the info because its anti MSFT and says things he wants to hear.

Just report *omodis420* comments as spam, it seems the PS3 fans are having trouble fact checking and even comprehending what they read.

*omodis420* stay off the herbs.

snyper8313463d ago

All this shows is that both sony and microsoft lost 5 percent marketshare. This chart shows revenue from each company not profits, even though microsoft revenue might drop from 2007 to 2008, microsoft actually made more money in 2008 than 2007 even after the xbox 360 pice drop thanks to the 360 being cheaper to manufacture,game sales,xbox live revenue,etc... Sony on the other hand is loosing money on every ps3 sold even today,so actually things are looking much worse for sony taking into account that 3rd party dev ps3 games sell like crap, compare to 360( 3rd party developers made more money on the 360 than ps3 and wii combined in 2008). So this means that more likely you would see more(exclusive) games develop for the 360. My point is this since sony is losing money on every ps3 sold and games dont sell as good to be able to make profit things are not looking good for them, why dont sony show a graph showing how much money sony lost on every ps3 in 2008 next to the 2007/2008 revenue graph????
Then things wont look as good don they??? Every company business model is to make profits so does it matter if in 2008 sony sold same amount of ps3 compare to xbox360 and since ps3 cost more sony would boast to have a higher revenue,but microsoft actually made more money, now tell me wich company is doing better???? Take into consideration that xbox 360 sales more games.........

Danja3463d ago

If you say you have been registered on this site for over 2 years..

then you would have known that all of 2007 and early 2008..this site was completely over-run with 360 fanboys....if can just check the back catalog of story..look at the comments....

hate_me3462d ago

this are the total yearly earnings from all the consoles (handhelds included) from the 3 major companies. So sony has what? .... 3 consoles on the market. PS3,PS2,PSP. nintendo has 2? wii, ds, and Microsoft only one.... well looking at hard facts i say that microsoft isnt doing too badly... but hey just my take

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GWAVE3463d ago

Wow. With 360 fanboys so obsessed with sales numbers, attach rates, and adoption curves, these cold, hard numbers are hard to ignore...

omodis4203463d ago

Hell yea they are hard to ignore anyone that tries to say the numbers are false are just outright biased fanboys. This is one of the fairest "doomed console" articles ever.

GiantEnemyCrab3463d ago

"This is one of the fairest "doomed console" articles ever."

Yes, comparing all of Sony and Nintys gaming products to just the Xbox 360 is definately fair.

I think you need to lay off the bong for a day or two. Oh and I'll take a bubble for your whiney fanboy flameout in the gamer zone.

YogiBear3463d ago

I guess you didn't notice that the 360 is their only product. So the graphs and statistics are fair.

mboojigga3462d ago

Did the article not specify they were talkin specifically about the PS3 and 360. The article is misleading because it is talking about Sony as a whole from PS2, PSP, and PS3. Not PS3 only numbers in comparison to the PS3. So yes BS article. The fact that they did a follow up to explain the numbers and still not get it shows how sad the article is. Get some honest journalism instead of playing as a wannabe journalist.

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Chris3993463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

People will still find a way to argue them in their favor though. Even when MS explains to their shareholders that they sold more consoles, but made LESS money than the previous year.

"Bu-bu-but the price-cut!", you say. Well 2 price-cuts in one year will certainly take a chunk out of the bottom line. Some might even say that it looks, oh, what is the word...desperate?

Honestly, Sony and MS should just team up at this point. MS can't seem to make successful hardware - even after 3 years (*glares at disc-read error 360 sitting, contentedly, in the living room). And Sony, well they don't seem to grasp the concept of actually MARKETING their software. 3 million spent on what? Internet banners? That's great for tech-saavy enthusiasts, but Jane and Joe will never see Killzone 2 anywhere in-between their "Heroes" prime-time viewings.

A great epiphany came to me in my last post... Of a united console future. The marketing of MS wed with the 1st party/ engineering of Sony.

Playbox forever!

I kid, I kid (though it would be nice).

- C

Helghast Slayer3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I think out of all the consoles the 360 is the one possibly in danger in 2009. Sony is gearing up with some of the most exceptional AAA games along with an inevitable price cut. The PSN will have a much bigger library of full games that the 360 can't match along with lag less multiplayer online goodness.

More third party support for the ps3 and HOME, and keep in mind it is all free of charge. The momentum will be strong for the ps3 with so many games that it could survive just of the exclusives like everyone month of the year. Nintendo will do what they've done this whole gen. But Microsoft really needs to justify why people should care about the console with announcements of their exclusive games for 2009.

Everybody knows that price is the only factor this gen but they need some form of momentum to keep them going for 2009 and beyond. There is not a single game that can push console sales for the 360 as of yet while the ps3 has several console movers in 2009.

It seems like the shoe is on the opposite foot now that 360 owners are the ones saying wait for "X" games to be announced by Microsoft at GDC/E3 etc etc. Don't forget that Sony also has a couple unannounced games for 2009 that is sure to further strengthen their line up. As have stated many times before gamers are the real winners so i hope Microsoft comes to the 360 owners aid soon.

Radiodread3463d ago

how there are NO 360 fantards in here. Know why? Because the article states facts, and xbots just hate facts, especially negative facts about their failed console.

Simon_Brezhnev3463d ago

lol u know they busy looking for another ps3 doomed article

ultimolu3463d ago

Lol, it'll be like a Yu-Gi-Oh battle. xD


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3463d ago

You can't say that on this!!! ;-D
Er erm...this is the same It's not been taken over when it had it's 30 minute update today??? ;-D
(Checks News on TV for a Alien Invasion...) ;)

ultimolu3463d ago

Ken...what have you been smoking THIS time? x]

You weirdo you...

Sony should rehire you dammit. :[

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3463d ago

@ultimolu ;)
My PS3 keeps me er erm High!!! ;-D

It says -
'Take the jump for pie charts and more'
I had a look but it's gone...Gabe Newell got to the pie(chart)before me and has eaten it!!! ;-D
(It's not really gone the pie chart) ;)

Yeah BRING BACK Ken!!! ;)
Once the PS3 gets a price cut and starts killing everything in it's way, SONY will want him back;)

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