Strategy Informer: EVE Online: Into the Future

Strategy Informer writes: "Fresh of their latest expansion, Icelandic developer CCP are once again looking towards the future for both their company, and their flagship title EVE Online. With radical new changes planned for the massively-multiplayer game, as well as plans to expand the EVE experience into all aspects of a player's life, just how far will their imagination take them?

With games as dynamic and as constant as MMOs, it takes a fairly motivated development team to keep such an entity going. These titles need to be kept fresh constantly and interesting so that, not only do the high-end players get something to do once they've done everything, but also so that there's plenty more features to entice new players. This is usually done through expansions, raising level caps, or adding new elements to the game, any developer can do it, so long as they want to keep improving the game. But it takes a team with true vision to take a title that they've worked so hard on and then to push and evolve it beyond the boundaries of itself."

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