Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X to support Sixaxis, trophies

While not much was mentioned about the trophy list, the team did go into more specifics on the Sixaxis support. Pilots will be able to control their jets every movement with the Sixaxis, a la Warhawk, in both assistance on(an easier control scheme) and assistance off(a more challenging scheme) modes. Warhawk vets will no doubt be pleased with this news.

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zootang3493d ago

If the sixaxis is as good as it is in warhawk then it's a first day buy for me

rushbd3493d ago

they implemented the sixaxis very well in the ww2 flightsim game . better than warhawk i must say. I hope it'll be similar here..

1a11ous3493d ago

This game is shaping up nicely.