BioWare CEO talks a one platform future

BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka has told CVG that he "can see" a one platform future, although he thinks "there are a few valid ways games could go".
"I can see it going there and I think there are valid reasons to do that," he said, imagining a future in which Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo aren't continually competing for market share (ok, just MS and Sony).

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Chris3993336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

In a heartbeat.

We could call it: "The Playbox!"

Or whatever else, naming was never my forte.

All the fanboys would have to find another hobby though. Or just focus their negative energies on what unholy casual-spawn-sim-waggle beast Nintendo cooks up next.

Edit: Agreed, Pennywise. PSN/ Live or Playlive or whatever it's incarnation is called must remain free.

Pennywise3336d ago

As long as MS had nothing to do with the hardware or charges for content/playtime I will too.