EndSights: Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions


"I should give Capcom a piece of my mind. Resident Evil has had quite a tenure since the original found its way into my heart. Despite all of this, it no longer takes place in a residence! Of all the nerve. But still, Capcom continues to deliver the goods, and Resident Evil 5 could set a glowing example to all the aspiring survival horror's out there. The demo for said game recently hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, and I've spent an unhealthy amount of time with Chris Redfield since then."

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Wotbot3486d ago

I have stated on other news sections, I loved the demo.

The co-op will be a great addition.

And the graphics are the best I have played this gen so far.

dannyhinote_133486d ago

Graphics are great...but I couldn't really get into. Then again, I haven't played co-op, so I'm guessing that'd be a helluva lot more fun...

DBoy3486d ago

Still need to try out the demo, from a non RE fan point of view.