Nintendo Patents Technology for New Gaming System that Plays Itself

The Daily Seagull writes: Today, video game giant and industry leader Nintendo filed a patent for a new technology which is slated to debut in their next generation of consoles and hand-held devices. Nintendo, still enjoying the amazing success of the the Wii that continues to sell at a pace far exceeding all "professional analyst" predictions is preparing for the future and a new breed of "gamers." According to the papers filed by Nintendo, the patent describes a device that takes all control functionality away from the player and puts it into the hands of an advanced AI program. The following statements have been pulled directly out of the document filed by Nintendo:

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meepmoopmeep3343d ago

i always though waggling was playing with yourself



ultimolu3342d ago


You're hilarious. :D

Chris3993342d ago

Comes out in the fall. Part of Nintendo's non-casual push.

The instruction manual is basically the Kama Sutra, except you put controllers...

Well, you get the point.

GrieverSoul3342d ago

@ the above... ROFL!!! ;)

At the article, NINTENDO is destroying the gaming community. If this technology grabs the consumers, developers will make games that ´´play themselves trough advance IA`` destroying the prime thing a videogame has!!!




Nuff said!

gaznutta3342d ago

This article is clearly refering to the news a while back about the big N making games easier. Why spend hours getting frustrated with a door you can t find when you can simply activate the A.I to do it for you!

A live walkthrough as such. Come on admit it we have all used em at some point or another.

Does this mean Nintendo has some harder, mature games coming soon? They can't have their casuals getting stuck after all; can they?

ThatArtGuy3342d ago

Nintendo is going to lose a lot on their 900 number tip line. (Not that GameFAQs hasn't done that already.)

TriforceLightning3342d ago

It keeps recycling old news.Stop approving this garbage!

CrayzeeCarl3342d ago

Who wants to be burdened with actually playing the game yourself when you can just watch the system play for you?!

TruthbeTold3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

By the time this system comes out, kids will be so lazy that they won't even want to play their games through anymore. Wait... That's where we already are...

Seriously speaking though, I expect that this system will have a on/off switch for the technology which would allow for casuals and core gamers alike to enjoy the same games. Super Mario Galaxy 2 getting too hard at a certain point in some level? Turn on the AI and watch for a few until you get by.

Not sure of course if that is the reasoning, or if I like it, but it sounds like Nintendo, and it sounds like it will work.

EDIT: Nevermind. After reading it, it's obvious that the article is a joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.