Halo Wars Goes Gold…But Do You Care?

Ensemble Studios (the Age of Empires series) has completed Halo Wars and has sent it to be manufactured, and Gamerlimit asks, who, outside of the Halo fanboydom, honestly cares? Halo as a series has perpetually gone downhill; with Halo: Combat Evolved breaking onto the scene way back in 2001, gamers and media outlets across the world ranted and raved how it revolutionized console first-person-shooters through its sleek control scheme, engrossing story, balanced weaponry and superb AI. It was completely deserving of all the praise. With each new release, focus shifted from story to multiplayer, which gamers are usually not prone to complain about, however, with a story so enthralling introduced in the first installment, Gamerlimit couldn't help but want more at the end of the series. Gamerlimit knows Bungie has it tucked away, waiting to let the beast out on the world.

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snipermk03245d ago

I can't wait for "meh"-lo wars !!!!

The Matrix3245d ago

Personally, I own a 360 and I do not have Halo 3. I don't like the halo series and I couldn't give a *(#@ if this game was about halo or not. It's the fact that one of the greatest RTS developers of all time is making it. Screw you Microsoft for what you did to Ensemble!

Ziriux3245d ago

The Esamble folks is what I'm getting the game for, they did an amazing job with the game and their past games. I'm very sick of MS shutting down excellent studios that have made games for them.

Anon19743245d ago

Who knows what the finally product will be like, but right from the beginning it just reminded me of Starcraft, but with only 2 sides...and on the console.

I'll pass, thanks. When's Starcraft 2 out?

Blademask3245d ago

I love the RTS just like anyone else, but come on? I cant imagine 1/2 the kids playing halo3 right now, are going to turn their teabagging in for mining oar.

BattleAxe3245d ago

@ Above^^^

Maybe MS will pay 50 million for Grand Theft Auto: Halo Edition

Anon19743245d ago

I'm hoping to get one of those Halo themed garage door openers from Home Depot when Microsoft fires up the Halo hype machine again.

Bonsai12143245d ago

yeah, i see it as a SC clone too. Humans = Terrans, Flood = Zerg, Covenant = Protoss. they even behave the same too...

doesn't mean it won't be good though. my comp probably won't be able to run it. oh well.

uxo223245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

"The real question I have is why would a respectable “journalist” even ask such a question. “Halo Wars Goes Gold…But Do You Care? ” Oh, I forgot, journalist, Fanboy, the lines are so blurred now-a-days they are completely non-distinguishable.

Could it be because he cares or could it be that he’s just another douche doing the douche dance?"

It's seems like any subject on N4G can quickly be turned into a I hate microsoft comment section. Really is quite amazing, some university should study this place, there has got to be TONS of stuff to learn about human behavior it they study the "N4G Fanboy". They are like no other.

caladbolg7773245d ago

Try the demo. If you like it, buy it. If you hate it, don't buy it.

andyo133245d ago

it'll have sh*t graphics and run like sh*t (halo 2 vista)

dredgewalker3244d ago

I dont have a 360 but i do like RTS games so if it comes out to the pc im going to try it or might not considering Starcraft 2 and Dawn of War 2 are just around the corner....but then again maybe i will since im an RTS nut.

macalatus3244d ago


Uhh...have you also noticed that any article about Sony can quickly become "I hate Sony comment" festivals?

BLuKhaos3244d ago

Do I care that Halo wars went gold? no Does anyone else care about this game? not really.

cactuschef3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Do people care? Yes, and No.

Why must a good 65-70% of all gaming journalists act so shady and put misleading and/or flamebait headlines on all their stories.

Is Microsoft Doomed? GASP
Halo wars went Gold, Does Anybody care?
SONY In Trouble!

Evey time I visit this site I see all these sensational headlines, and I force myself to read them because it all sounds like important news, but its always a trick.

Not to long ago there was an article whose headline exclaimed "Developer Cites 360 Graphics as Reason for Exclusivity" though the article was about the ease of developing for the Xbox, not about the graphics.

Its all about hits nowadays.

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dragunrising3245d ago

Me too :-) Asking a vague question of whether fans of RTS and Halo care is not a very good question. The original halo (before it was even alpha) was an RTS. Very interested if the game expands the already considerable Halo lore. Bring on the Halo games I say; the universe is so rich you could make many more. Halo doesn't have to be about Master Chief as Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST are perfect examples.

na2ru13244d ago

Yes I feel that too. After playing Halo1 on PC, I really enjoyed it and had a great sense of presence in the halo universe. I believe it's the reason for such massive fanbase. It at least made me buy Halo3 and xbox straight away. I then brought a preowned Halo2 and enjoyed that slightly less than Halo1.

Rockox3245d ago

If Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction couldn't get me into playing an RTS game (and I'm a big Aliens fan), then nothing will.

NarFan3245d ago

lol aliens vs predator

Revvin3245d ago

Thinking of buying a 360 again for this and RACE Pro. Ensemble were a great development team, I've played all the Age of Empires games and really sorry to see them go.