NWR: Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2 Review

Although technically a stand-alone title, Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2 is more of an expansion than it is a game. The first edition of Rock Band for Wii (and PS2) did not feature any sort of downloadable content. As such, a number of popular downloadable tracks for Rock Band 1 were bundled together to form Track Pack Volumes 1 and 2.

This second track pack features a nice selection of songs, ranging from The Police to Avenged Sevenfold. As a value proposition, Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2 is a smart investment. At $29.99, players can rock out to a total of twenty songs at $1.50 a track. Now that Rock Band 2 is out in the wild with full downloadable content, a number of the songs in this track pack are available online for 200 Wii Points ($2.00) each through the in-game store.

* If you want all of the tracks, this pack will save you $10.
* Nice selection of songs

* Cannot play songs in Rock Band 2 via SD card.
* No online play

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