IGN: Afro Samurai Review

Greg Miller from IGN writes:

"If I wasn't reviewing Afro Samurai, fighting Brother 6 would have been the point where I threw the controller at the floor, screamed an obscenity, and sold the game back to GameStop. Packing a flamethrower and three separate phases to the fight, Brother 6's battle is the exact moment when Afro Samurai's super-slick visuals, awesome soundtrack, and fuzzy feeling you get from slicing bad guys in half stopped mattering to me and every one of the game's numerous flaws came together to derail the experience.

That sucks because Afro Samurai can actually be a lot of fun at times."

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Pennywise3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Ouch............. I was really looking forward to this.

Aww man, no trophies??????? I thought trophies were mandatory come Jan '09? This game was going to be a rental... after this review, I will pass. Thanks IGN.

lociefer3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

it looks like the reviewer really wanted it to succeed like i did , oh well

u no what ? fck it , am gettin it anyways , i love afro

FrankenLife3283d ago

I too had high hopes for this game. I played it at pax and really enjoyed it. However I never fought Brother 6. Well I guess it is now money saved.

Tapewurm3283d ago

The score and the actual written review don't seem to go together. IGN has a history of doing this. I say give the game a try and see for yourself. What he has written in the review seems to take away from his 6.6 rating. Seems, at least from what he wrote, that this should at least be an 8 or so...and that's from his view. I am still buying the game, regardless of this review. I am sure other reviews out there will be higher than IGN's.

Beast_Master3283d ago

Greg Miller is notorious for his Lair review. I listened to last weeks pod cast and he didn't mention the game he was reviewing but did say it their was an extremely frustrating part to it. I would suggest if you really wanted this game, get it, just know the Brother 6 battle will make you want to throw poo at your TV.

gambare3283d ago

yeah, they ARE mandatory but this title was developed in 2008 and it was almost ready for the end of the year and it wasn't included on the mandatory mark, those games developed after 2009 will include the mandatory trophies

likedamaster3283d ago

"" u no what ? fck it , am gettin it anyways , i love afro ""

Same here, I will try it out for myself. The game looks darn good.

Tapewurm3282d ago

I have played a good bit of this title now and have to say that the reviewer is a complete (2 sylables here) M0-RON :) This game is actually quite fun and looks amazing and the combos and special moves DO matter. I will admit that the camera is a little rough on the default setting but when I inverted it, it made it much better, at least to me. There is no way this game deserves the 6.6 least an 8 or higher easy. This review is his opinion and unlike the combo moves in the game...this review doesn't matter. What a turd.

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Lastlivingsoul3283d ago

i might still rent it at some point, I was worried this would happen

Pennywise3283d ago

I was going to rent anyways until I saw no trophies. No trophies = no monies - ESPECIALLY with a bad review like this.

dragunrising3283d ago

I also think I'll rent it. I'm not familiar with the anime so I can't say I'd buy it for the fan service. Based on the review, I wish the devs took some more time to polish the game. The logic follows that if a game is quality...usually the sales follow. In my opinion, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3) is still the anime to game cross-over to beat.

Pennywise3283d ago

Like - Trophies?? What the hell.

Nineball21123283d ago

So, how do you feel about the lack of trophies in this game?


Pennywise3283d ago

Makes my head want to explode. I thought they were mandatory come Jan '09. SCAAAAAAAAAAAMCO!

newneto3283d ago

Get trophies is not the point. The point is that shows lack of commitment with ps3 features.

InMyOpinion3283d ago

Bandai Namco never said anything about trophies being mandatory in 2009. Sony did.

PirateThom3283d ago

It's part of Sony's developer agreement. If you make games on the platform, you'll have agreed to all mandatory features, including trophies, in the same way Microsoft's developers agreement makes achievements mandatory.

But they were never going to be mandatory from January 2009, it was only if the content was submitted for approval after 1st Jan 2009. Because of when this game went gold, 9th Jan and the fact it was probably submitted at the beginning/mid December , this is one of the last games that will sneak through that net.

dragunrising3283d ago

Since when did Namco Bandai develop and not publish its own games? Poor judgment on their part regarding the trophies...

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PS360WII3283d ago

I still want to get it :( down with reviews!

InMyOpinion3283d ago

In most cases I would agree with you, but his review really pinpoints the problems with the game and I feel frustrated just reading about it. Still a rental though, I had high hopes for this game.

tatotiburon3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

and i thought trophies will be mandatory in 2009, fail.....

Anyway i was expecting so much for this game, what a let down for me :(

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The story is too old to be commented.
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